Happy New Year (Almost)… I Need A Clue!

OK, I have NO idea what sort of banner to make for January, but I’ve a few ideas, given what’s coming next month (er, year.)Let’s see now… (*flip!*)… a quick coin toss says Silent Hill HD Collection gets a January banner, so it’s off to grab some screens and play around a bit. Despite the “collection” not having Silent Hill 4 on it (it wasn’t THAT bad a game, really!), I’m looking forward to replaying SH2 and 3 for a few reasons. I have both games within arm’s reach in my PS2 library here, so I can compare notes and see how well the HD versions turned out. Well, that’s settled. Now I can get some sleep… maybe. I have the feeling I’ll pop up and post something else, but maybe not, as I need to roll out of bed and do a pile of laundry before the laundromat gets packed to the gills with 12/31 folks doing their last-minute loads for luck or whatever…

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