Goodnight, Irene (And Good Riddance)…

Other then a ton of rain, wind, Irene was (in the words of a friend) “like a cheap hooker – too loud, too expensive and gone like the wind in the morning.” According to the mayor just now, no deaths in NYC were due to the storm, we lost about 650 or so trees around the area (how did they know THAT so quickly?) there were only 24 arrests (Saturday nights average around 300) and while the overall damage has yet to be calculated, it seems that the city won’t sink into the sea like some thought.

Of course, others areas were much harder hit, so condolences to those who lost loved ones and property – here’s to getting back on your feet, picking up the pieces and moving on. Speaking of moving on… I have a Deus Ex: HR review to finish – back with that later. Spoiler: it’s a definite BUY.

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