I’m Back!

shocker_mpAnd shockingly so. Well, I was shocked. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting the new laptop to pop up until Monday at the earliest thanks to the vague expected arrival date of between now and next Thursday. But I got the Gomer Pyle reaction as I was walking out the door earlier and the intercom blasted my ears awake. Yup, it was the postman (who sometimes does ring twice!) with my new baby.

Of course, this means I now need to spend a chunk of time setting up the new laptop, deleting apps and bloatware, updating to Windows 10 (eek), and hoping I can recall all of my blasted passwords. Well, I did get into my WordPress, Gmail, Yahoo, Steam, my virus scanner and a few other accounts with not so much trouble at all. But I know there’s going to be some issues with a few other passwords I’ve changed a few times and can’t recall for the life of me as to what they are.

And NOPE, I don’t use a password site because nothing is THAT secure or guaranteed secure online. I’m going to just save all my passwords to an SD card and USB stick and keep one handy and the other one vaulted away, changing whenever necessary. A little paranoia about the right things goes a long way. Hokay, to the bloatcave! Back in a bit (tomorrow) with some posts I did in the interim that need to get up and read.


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