My Not So Productive Sunday Was Possessed!

(thanks, MovieClips!) 

Oh, what a Sunday I’m having! Let’s see now, I dropped and broke my travel mug on the way to do laundry much earlier and had to do said laundry with my left sneaker and foot soaking wet. Hey, I got up at 5:50 this morning, wasn’t quite awake when I made that coffee and that new shopping cart here is SUPER funky because it has independently turning wheels that tend to not go in a straight line at all. Also, on the way to the laundry about a third of the bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap I took with me leaked. Fortunately it was into the fleece jacket it was sitting on top of. That soapy jacket ended up doing the entire load of laundry in one big machine. Well, at least my left foot didn’t fall asleep while I was trying to stay awake.

Later, I knocked over a cup of tea onto the carpet in the home office and not too long after that, the game I was playing froze up after a long and tough section. Bleh. Oh well. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, as there are more pressing problems in the world. Hey, at least I have clean laundry now. Er, except for some blankets, as I need to do those after spilling the remnants of a second cup of coffee on those later in the afternoon. Hmmm. I think I need a nap or something. Yes, it’s been one of those days. Oh well – Monday will be a lot more productive… Right?

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