Oops: Credit Where Credit Is Due, Dept. (Lost & Found Section)

Two things: I forgot to note in the darn review that I swiped that Star Odyssey video from YouTuber Vysethedetermined2. Thanks for posting that footage, sir!

Also, in the PC version of Skyrim, someone (well, a whole lot of someones) has gone and found (through a bit of tinkering with the game code) the entire areas of Morrowind and Cyrodil hidden in the ridiculously huge world map. These two spots are from earlier games in The Elder Scrolls series and very well known to core fans, so speculation is indeed rampant as to what they’re for and why they’re in the code.

My take: Either future DLC (which would be fantastic), OR Bethsoft plans to use these areas as some sort of anniversary surprise for fans of the first four games in the series. No matter what their plans are, it’s definitely going to be a nice treat that extends the life span of this insanely long game even further…



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