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Hi There!

Thanks for stopping by. Expect random scribblings about video games (previews/reviews along with the occasional interview and feature), tech, movies, books and anything else that strikes my fancy along with the occasional bit of artwork from me that may or may not be game-related.

I’m not out to review every single new game, system, bit of tech or other media out there, just stuff I like as I try and get some of you out there to play some games you might have missed or perhaps passed up and want to know a little more about. Or maybe twist your arm a little to try something different on the tech scene you might avoid because it’s not flashy enough. Some of the best stuff is simple, WORKS like a charm and makes your life better in those little ways you might not expect.

If you REALLY need to reach me and punching a hole in your monitor just will not do, it’s gregw@fanboydestroy.com – warning. spammers will be tracked, trapped, shot and stuffed. Not by me, though. I’m a pacifist. I know a few people who aren’t, though… and they work REALLY cheap, grrrr!

-Greg Wilcox


33 thoughts on “About DAF…

  1. I found your site here through the comments on StopWhispering’s blog. You’ve done a great job here and I may actually put a link to your site up on my own if that is alright with you? 🙂


      • By the way, I love RPGs and especially obscure ones (including more Adventury games like Zelda or Neutopia)…Any games you could recommend in that vein for perhaps the SMS or Genesis?


      • Let’s see now: SMS favorites outside of Phantasy Star (of course!): Miracle Warriors, Ultima IV, Heroes of the Lance, Dragon Crystal, Golden Axe Warrior, even though it’s not a RPG, Gauntlet is up there, Golvellius, Lord of the Sword and Spellcaster (although they’re more action games than RPG, they were labeled and sold as them back in the day).

        As for Genesis stuff, too many favorites (with the Phantasy Star games, of course!): Shining in the Darkness, Shadowrun, Crusader of Centy, Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Rings of Power (and acquired taste, but quite fun and an early example of open-world gameplay on a console), Sorcerer’s Kingdom, Fatal Labyrinth (which is basically a Dragon Crystal follow-up), Landstalker, Arcus Odyssey (sort of an early Diablo-style action/RPG), Traysia, Exile (the Turbo Cd version is far better and unedited, but this is an OK way to kill a weekend), Cadash (a lesser arcade “port”, but still fun), Light Crusader, Warsong (strategy/RPG), Shining Force/Shining Force II (ditto) and Master of Monsters (ditto). I also like some non-RPG action games that COULD have been RPGs with a few tweaks (Alisa Dragoon, Jewel Master, Elemental Master, Mystical Fighter, Mystic Defender, which is the sequel to Spellcaster on the SMS, but not marketed or sold as a RPG). That’s off the top of my head. Games like Sword of Vermilion and Super Hydlide I like, but I know a lot of people don’t for a few reasons.

        As for harder to find stuff, well, there’s Star Odyssey (only a few hundred copies were made of this) as well as any other Genesis RPGs put out by Super Fighter Team (all are out of production, so they’re not inexpensive when you do find them). I also love indie RPGs like the ones found on amaranthia.com and RPGMaker.net (the latter is all free downloads), as some are good enough to have been released on a cart back in the day.


  2. Seen you comment alot on game industry.biz, I’d love to chat and show you our game, an old school point and click game set in hell with tons of British humour, drop me an email if that’s something that would interst you, keep up the rants I really enjoy them.


    • Hi Dave – Rants? Waaah! I’m just telling it like it is (well, at least in my brain). Anyway, the game sounds interesting. Keep me posted about it through the usual channels (geelw2@gmail.com) and I’ll give it some coverage on the site…


  3. I’m with rudy. Love the whole unbiased angle. Fanboys/Fangirls of anything, be it movies, TV, video games or whatever can kind of suck the f*cking enjoyment out of things. We definitely need more unbiased people out there. Love your posts! Keep up the good work.

    Also, I wanted to drop by and let you know that I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! You deserve it!

    You can check out the nom here:



    • Well, wow and THANKS, Lex! Althoooooough I just KNOW you’re in it for world domination at the end of the day, being an evil genius and all. I guess I should ask if we’re going to Addis Ababa or something, but I’ve learned not to question a genius lest my own brains get scrambled by whatever device of the day is being cooked up…

      Generally, I don’t have it in for fans of anything when they keep it reasonable. But in this age of paid gushing and fans who yes, make enjoying stuff less fun, I figure I need to get out there and pop a few balloons while hopefully turning a few folks on to oddball stuff they’d ignore because they were to busy riding that bandwagon off a steep cliff…


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