This Is Only A Test…

Well, sort of. I’m currently popping up for air and feeling as if I’ve been trapped in the worst ever remake of Groundhog Day (or perhaps, the worst choose your own adventure novel where whichever page you turn to means a character meets a messy end). What day is it, anyway? Or week, month and year, for that matter?

There’s actually a post before this one, but I decided on not running it as it’s a bit long and well, somewhat grim and depressing. Still, some (much) shorter version of it will get posted – just not the novella-length monster that took a few too-long months to assemble. Anyway, no cool images or videos this time, as I’m typing this on a fancy new tablet and it’s a thing I’m trying to wrap my head around. Uh, Happy New Year and all that. Back in a bit, but maybe on a PC, as it feels more… comfortable working on one.



5 thoughts on “This Is Only A Test…

  1. It’s certainly been a very bizarre ten months or so.

    Personally speaking, I’ve seriously been struggling with the mental health. For a while, I was seeing three different doctors, they had me on meds, etc. Never felt that bad or so helpless before. Thankfully, I’m over the worst of it and feeling so much better about myself. The current worldwide situation though? That’s a whole other story. I think things are going to get worse before they get any better.

    You’ve just go to keep on going, chin up and all that.


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