Testing, Testing…


As I figured, there’s a test that definitely works after all, but a test isn’t a cure, just a warning sign. I’m fine, although my poor brain is leaping between being entertaining as I’m supposed to and being totally freaked out that there are too many really foolish people who believe all of this sickness is just the common flu on steroids.

Well, let me go finish a few posts up. We’re in that period where keeping up with the news is a pain as it’s all bad on many fronts because denial isn’t the name of a river in Egypt and too many people in a few places just aren’t on the ball. Stop their world, they want to get off. Me, I’m working on a playlist for all this craziness, here’s a tune from it:

(Thanks, Flowers of Romance!)



4 thoughts on “Testing, Testing…

  1. And I guess ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ might work as well. Hope you’re doing okay, glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking, and please…don’t touch tainted blood in petri dishes with hot strips of metal!


      • Well…I think the prize is sitting by a VERY large campfire surrounded by snow, with no hopes of ever reaching civilization again. Maybe if you went for second prize…


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