New 3-D Bluray of IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953) is outstanding!

Thank you, Aurora! My holiday shopping list just got a beautiful new addition. Random poetry? Sure: A gift for me? Oh me, you shouldn’t! Me says to me, Oh, you – why wouldn’t? Anyway, BUY THIS FILM!


Once upon a screen...

Our friend Bob Furmanek, Founder and CEO of the 3-D Film Archive, hosted another private screening for Classic Movies and More.  This time the Archive’s latest 3-D restoration of Jack Arnold’s It Came From Outer Space had us leaning back in our seats as a huge, one-eyed alien tried to take our identities.  Or that’s what it felt like.  

itRob and Annmarie, my partners at Classic Movies and More were as blown away as I was with the stunning 3-D and audio restoration of the science fiction classic.  I include a short video of our reaction taped right after the screening at the end of this post, but a week or so after that day I can tell you the movie has stayed with me.  I urge you to get your hands on the bluray, a Best Buy exclusive, which goes on sale on October 4th.


By now…

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