Kvetch-22: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Good GOG PlusHere’s some news fresh from the “Wouldn’t You Know It?” desk:

Hooray! I won something awesome recently – a blu-ray copy of the Ivan Tors produced, Herbert L. Strock directed sci-fi film GOG (1954), restored into its 3D state and in HD for the first time on disc. Many thanks go to Kino Lorber, Classic Movie Hub and Aurora’s Gin Joint (all fine places to sit for a spell and learn about plenty of classic films) for picking my hastily scribbled entry. I also got two more Arrow Video blu-rays in the post today to review right after GOG showed up via Fed Ex: Dillinger and The Zero Boys. Excellent!

However (and this is hi-larious)…

(or NOT so hi-larious)…my poor PlayStation 3 gave up the ghost a few days back and the blu-ray player I borrowed from a friend who just replaced his went out like a light yesterday not long after I turned it on. Hoo… whaaaat?  Bleh. Fortunately, there’s an electronics repair shop not too far away from here that seems to do good business and has a relatively fast turnaround time according to a few folks I queried. I’ve had that PS3 for about nine or so years, so it was bound to YLOD on me after all those years of service. I’m no Mr. Fixit (more like Mr. Bill), but I made the effort to spend a day reading up on solutions and I can very safely say I’ve neither the patience or tools to try and fix the console myself. You may as well give me a butter knife and tell me to do brain surgery on a sparrow.

In any event, I need to get that repair taken care of as well as buy a replacement PS3 console in order to transfer my data from the old HDD to a new one. My research reveals older “Fat” PS3 models seem to be impossible to fix permanently, so I may end up with a Slim model of some sort. Thankfully, I have three PlayStation and two PlayStation 2 consoles here (that takes care of backwards compatibility as I still play PS1 and PS2 games on occasion) as well as a QFX DVD player I bought on a whim not too long ago. If I can swing the funds, I may end up buying a standalone blu-ray player just to keep whatever model PS3 here as a games-only machine. I know of a few people who do that, but I think my old PS3 has outlasted all of theirs. Er, well… until a few days ago. Yeah… you win some, you lose some… in-deed.

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