Gallery: Lobo With Shotguns Looks Like A Total Blast From the Past


CerberusIf any game was a perfect example of “screenshots do NOT do this game justice!” it would be Lobo With Shotguns, coming sometime this year from talented indie developers Fat Panda Games Studio. Based in Yucatán, Mexico, the team has infused their upcoming non-stop action-packed game with a seriously awesome retro look that recalls 60’s and 70’s comic books as well as classic arcade game series such as Final Fight, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, and even bits of Splatterhouse.

Hush, now about that icky grain in this screen. See the trailer below for what's up with that...

Hush, now about that icky grain in this screen. See the trailer below for what’s up with that…

As soon as I saw the screens and spectacular trailer, I think I let out a squeal that sounded like a car skidding on a wet highway then through a guard rail and off a cliff (BOOM!). Memories of the old Marvel Super Heroes cartoons from their 1970’s run on WPIX here in NY punched me in the head until I stopped laughing because I’d forgotten to breathe. I also got a whiff of ancient Mexican horror/hero movies at work here, but it’s not as obvious an influence. That said, if anyone was to do a series of side-scrolling Lucha games featuring the legendary Sancho character, I’d choose this team based on what’s here.


See what I mean?

Screen 6 John Lobo and BelladonaNow, more about those screens (or go watch the video if you haven’t!). In this form they do look kind of like old fuzzy VHS screen captures to the point they’re almost too distracting. But that’s fine with me as long as the game has an OFF option for that graininess. I don’t mind a challenging game at all, folks. But dying because the screen pulled a retro fuzzy interference moment as I was busting a few moves and caps into danger trying to take Lobo out.

Still, you have to LOVE the dedication Fat Panda has nailed to the point of even the comic book coloring not being completely inside the lines like many an old issue of whatever your favorite book was back in the day. 

1 2 3 4 Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4 Screen 5


Anyway, Lobo With Shotguns has kicked itself to the top of my must-play indies list and if you’re all tickled pink or any other color by what you’ve seen, slap this one on your wishlist, pronto. Back with more on this killer werewolf and his great-looking game soon.

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