More Arrows Have Arrived – Now I Just Need A Snowstorm

More Arrows

Yikes. As busy as I was/am this past week, it seems I’m about to be watching a lot more movies over the next week or so. Too bad it’s almost April as this would be the perfect time to get stuck indoors with a few feet of snow on the ground. Or not. Well, there’s a new Dollar Tree opening up tomorrow morning at 8 and it’s within walking distance. So my popcorn needs will be taken care of and I maybe tempted to grab a box of Dots or something movie candy-like if I don’t get trampled by all those old ladies and early bargain hunters who’ll flood the place and trash it before the day is through.

Okay, back to work here – I’m in the middle of something like half a dozen games (all worth your time and money) that need to be reviewed.

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