Waves²: Everybody Into the Pool For Some Serious Splash Damage

Okay, I somehow missed out on the original Waves back in 2011, but I’d heard an seen enough about it over time to end up adding it to my backlog want list (which is longer than your arm, especially if you have long arms). Now, Rob Hale (aka Squid in a Box) is back with the Early Access sequel Waves², which you can play now for $9.99 and submit feedback important to that game’s future development. I usually approach Early Access games with an arched eyebrow, but this one’s got a nice retro/modern look to it and yes an appropriately catchy soundtrack to match. The game also has a few more months o development time to go before it’s ready to go, so that’s where you and your free time come in. I say pay the ten bucks and play it to death just so you can get in on the dev process by submitting some well thought out commentary that’s more than “This game rocks!” or something similarly simplistic.

But I shall leave your feedbacking ways to you. Go have a blast and yeah, yeah – help a Squid make some Waves, too.


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