Random Art: Watch Out For That Tree…

Stuck In Place...

Boo. So I’m a bit bummed that Project CARS died on the vine for the Wii U after a few years in the works and that version only getting up to about 23fps despite the best efforts of the dev team. But it was a business decision at the end of the day despite some raging (and flat out STUPID) conspiracy theories about the publisher ruining the game. I’ll comment on this further in a more appropriate post, but here’s a tree to peek at while you wait. Or perhaps I’ll get a few other things done and get to the game’s cancellation over the weekend. No use beating a dead tire now, although it would be nice to hear the whole story one of these days from the horse’s mouths. Ah well… back to reality and (no true simulation-type racers on a Nintendo console in quite some time)…

2 thoughts on “Random Art: Watch Out For That Tree…

  1. Is that a George of the Jungle reference? You’re taking me waay back 🙂
    I’ve been close to picking up Project Cars for the PS4 but I’m not sure if I’ll be into something that is more SIM than stuff like Need for Speed Rival or the Crew.
    Have you tried Project Cars? What do you think of it?


    • It wasn’t supposed to be a George of the Jungle reference, but I did think of that old cartoon right when I hit the publish button. I’ve played about an hour of the game at a friend’s on his PS4. It’s definitely demanding and quite a simulation. But you can tweak the settings down so the game is a bit more forgiving. It definitely has (wait for it) a learning curve (ba-dum-bum!)


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