Some Bundles For Those Freakish About Fireworks And Flag Waving

indiegala hump day 712015

Let’s say you’re not doing anything this long holiday weekend (hey, we don’t all have friends who know how to use a grill or perhaps we’re just allergic to explosives and a little antisocial on holidays like this) and you want to try out some cool indie games. Well, Humble Bundle and IndieGala have got you covered quite well this week. Introduced yesterday, the Hump Day Bundle packs in a dozen games for under three dollars in a nice mix of genres. Horror game fans may find a few titles to groove on such as Трейлер (RED LAKE), which looks pretty darn freaky on a few levels:


Yeah, that’s some nightmare fuel right there. If that game isn’t up you particular dark alley, you have a few more to choose from. You can even TRADE games now on IndieGala if you want to try out something else, so that’s cool as well. As for the Humble Bundle, read on, dear readers… read on.

HWB leading ladies 2

This deal is a GREAT one if you’re into games with strong female leads. While it costs more for this bundle, it’s WELL worth that twelve bucks for the variety of games here. That and you’ll get a copy of SUNSET, a game that didn’t at all get the sales and respect it deserved. I hate that when a company sinks off the scene because they worked hard on a project to make it commercial and the gamers stay away because they just don’t want to try something new. BOO. Well, now you can play this one and a few other games and kick yourself a tiny bit for not doing your part as a gamer who supports great indie content.

Or heck, just play all the games in this bundle and marvel at them for the fun and loveliness they provide. I guess you can say Independence Day also means you can play what you want (and not worry about smelling like gunpowder afterwards).

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