Random Art, Madness & Watching No Paint Dry Division

one for the road

Gyaaah. So, it looks as if the roof repair project is going to take a few more days, there’s now some more water damage from that pipe behind a wall here, there still needs to be a floow-up inspection and I’m still figuring out where to store a bunch of stuff for the upcoming wall takedown/repair job. On the stupider front, I’m finding out that one reason repairs seem to be so damned slow here is this apartment has been in the family since 1976 or ’77 and it seems that the management is deliberately having the maintenance folks do crappy work as a means to make me crazy enough to leave. Why? Well, I’m certainly not paying market rate rent for this nice place, that’s why. Of course, the entire system for repairs here is SO damned ancient that I’m not going to be at all surprised when some newer tenants in buildings here take it on the lam after they deal with those inept dolts in the office and all that (waste of) paperwork that comes for even the smallest repair job.

Eh, I drew a tree yesterday after getting knocked out of bed early by some knocking on the roof. Enjoy it vicarously for me, as I was thinking of dropping a real tree on some people a few blocks up the street who need to get out of that office and see the awful work that’s been done up here. Boo on people who don’t see how the other half live because they just don’t give a crap.

2 thoughts on “Random Art, Madness & Watching No Paint Dry Division

    • Oh, this seems to be an issue all across this silly city with older tenants getting kicked around or having repair work done badly in an attempt to get them to voluntarily leave places that aren’t at “market rates”, bleh. If I had the money I’d go hire some folks to just fix the problems and be done with this mess. As it is, I now have to wait until the 15th for an inspection and we’ll see what happens after that. Meanwhile, that wall in my room is looking kind of like it’s ready for some prisoners to hammer through it. 😛


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