GTA V Gallery Update: Overwhelming Majority Rules, Coming Soon…


While PS4 and Xbox One owners are finally getting Grand Theft Auto V on November 18, PC owners need to be patient for a little while longer (as in holding out until January 27, 2015). All of that time will be well spent making sure it runs as best as possible on a wider range of systems, but next-gen owners are getting the same features as shown in this video ( which is kind of NSFW, if you don’t like gunfights, a bit of the old ultra-violence and such blasting from your work computer or tablet). This isn’t some simple HD upgrade at all. Every texture in the game has been replaced, the overall resolution has been increased (more than doubling the draw distance), and as you’ll see in the PS3 to PS4 comparison video below, the differences are quite stunning:

Click away for more visual treats!

Here are some lovely screens of Los Santos and its surrounding environments to ogle as well:

RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_006 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_014 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_028 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_044 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_055 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_056 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_060 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_062 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_064 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_068 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_075 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_106 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_111 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_112 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_116 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_118 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_121 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_129 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_132 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_137 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_140 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_141 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_142 RSG_GTAV_NG_Screenshot_143 

Will the game still be a system seller for these new consoles when it ships out in two weeks? We shall see (but I predict that will be a yes for some gamers who were holding out)…

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