This Month Better Not Be Turkey Month…

(Thanks, tuxthemagicpenguin!)

Oof, it’s November already? Crap. Well, October was definitely both a bust and boom month for me. I won’t talk about the bust part because it’s none of your business and I’m not a TMI guy who confesses all then complains when people babble and squeak about what’s been written. I believe in plenty of privacy and hell, still recall when people kept personal diaries and journals and such. Granted, if you’re a sharer and don’t mind tattling all your secrets to the void, go right on ahead and be happy. Anyway, on the good news front, more work has come in thanks to a fellow editor-type wanting to expand his own site’s reach. While it’s still unpaid work, the goal here is building that site up more so it becomes a paying gig down the road (whee!).

Let’s see now, in other news… Yeah, the game backlog is still an issue, but I’m knocking stuff down bit by bit. I have a bunch of drafts to turn into reviews, so those will get done over the month. I’ll be doing a Toy of the Day or Week feature just to get to some of the more fun stuff I saw way back at Toy Fair and a few other events and yes, I’m adding some of those to a Holiday Gift Guide which should appear later in the month. More movie, book and tech reviews are coming (more drafts to complete!), with an overall goal this month of being a bit more well-rounded. Well, I’d gather Thanksgiving may take care of the more complete rounding part. That is, is I decide to participate in that huge calorie festival this year. I’m trying to be a healthier guy, so cutting the fat and a few other things may be on the plate instead.

As always, we shall see…

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