Some Random GOTHAM Thoughts…

Hmmm. So, even though I’m not fond of their “news” division’s endlessly dreary antics in keeping people misinformed and angry and frightened half to death, I have to give it up for some of Fox’s TV lineup on the pure entertainment front. The new DC Comics-inspired drama GOTHAM is actually quite good, but I see some critics have no idea who’s who in the Bat-verse. Edward Nigma is NOT going to be the Joker unless he’s got a split personality and all those riddles he’s telling turn to worse jokes. I thought they introduced a wee bit too many characters from the comics in that pilot, but I guess they had to because it’s best to throw out as many cards onto the table as possible and get those arcs going. We got young versions of Catwoman, Batman, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Penguin, the future Commissioner Gordon and an already dirty cop Harvey Bullock. I’d gather the guy who shot Thomas and Arthur Wayne may also be from one of the comic’s versions of the origin story, but we’ll see where that goes during this season. There’s more to say, but I’ll let a few episodes sink in before I make more noise.

Well, I do have one other goofball complaint – 8PM means I can’t see the show when it airs. I need to hit up the On Demand channel and catch this show the day after. Given the content, it should go on at 9, but the silliness that is Sleepy Hollow takes up that time slot. So, a day late and a dollar short is my way of experiencing this new take on an old classic comic story for the ages. Okay, back in a bit…

3 thoughts on “Some Random GOTHAM Thoughts…

  1. who the what? Ok to begin with .. I am a BIGGGGG Batman fan and yes I do read the comics.. so let me tell you a couple things..just to make it clear.. FIRST! EDWARD NIGMA… is the Riddler.. and has nothing to do with the joker at all.. Why that comment came up? “No clue”… Second Introducing characters at the point in time the show takes place makes sense. Most of the villains Batman deals with are in fact older than him. He really doesn’t start to even become batman till he is earlier 20’s “At Best”.. From the point this show takes place.. Bruce still has to finish School and College..and than he starts his training.. so yea we got a few seasons to go depending on how they want to rush the story.. but at this point I don’t see a rush at it’s going to be a few years.. AT BEST.. Second.. I also must agree.. I enjoyed it as well.. it’s pacing is pretty great.. the characters are fun to watch..and do relate pretty well to the source material.. it’s a interesting take that they are moving the story at the current time instead of .. past ..Lots of potential for interesting character development.. Really ..can’t wait to see more!


    • Oh, that Riddler/Joker comment came from a terrible review in a local paper here. They loved the show, but got that part so WRONG, which was funny because they made the same mistake in their preview of the show a few months back. I’m a well-aged Bat-fan, so I’d actually love to see them bring in a REALLY obscure character (I’d keel over and die laughing if they had Ally Babble pop up as a more modern character). Yeah, I know they do want the show running for a few years (a good thing). I was just hoping they’d play some of those cards as the season progressed. BUT it’s only the first episode, so I’ll wait until the season is over and do a full future villain roster count. Oh, the modern time frame works well from a production standpoint, as it costs less to “shoot today” than “create a yesterday” I was picking out streets I knew here and smiling because they used them (and that CG blending) really well.

      In watching the show again, the only other thing that stuck out was the writers still haven’t figured out a better reason the Waynes were walking through that dark alley. As I live here in NYC the “uptown cab” thing is a bit lame, as it doesn’t make much sense. But, hey – no dead parents, no Batman, right? 😀

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      • of course! I couldn’t agree more.. I also live in NYC and really the one way street thing I think personally works.. I mean really how many times have you walked up one block only to find out it’s one way… pretty often from my own experience ..but meh


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