Dracula Untold Trailer: I’ve Got The Overbite Rewritten Blues…

(Thanks, CBM Trailers!) 

Hmmm… suspicions confirmed. Dracula gets retold, so it’s officially “Dracula Untold” now, thus the need for a reboot of this magnitude. Big, loud, full of CG effects and hey, why not let’s get that hot singer du jour Lorde to do the theme song you’ll more than very likely hear as part of the end credits and want to download at some point? *Sigh*… Oh well. The young ones will eat it up, the weekly movie-goers will pay their money as usual, the older curmudgeonly critics will lament the lack of Lugosi’s accented mumbling sexy style, while others trumpet it as “sexier than Twilight” in those tween magazines and online haunts for the Emo chicky/Hot Topic crowd. Everyone wins… well, not really, but so goes the modern vampire movie – into the past with lots of the present 9and too much for my more mundane horror tastes). Eh, October isn’t so far away, so perhaps my mind will be changed? We shall see (as usual)…


2 thoughts on “Dracula Untold Trailer: I’ve Got The Overbite Rewritten Blues…

    • Oh, that’s definitely true, but at least there are people out there who can take something old and spin it into a fine new tale correctly (let’s see now, who wrote a book I’ve read this years that does that, hmmmmmm?) 😀


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