Orphan Black 2:9 Trailer: Those Ties That Bind Are Also Good For Wrapping Things Up…

So, was anyone else slightly freaked out by Tony last week? It was weird in a fun way to watch Tatiana Maslany play a guy and that guy (who might be a girl, as what’s up with the testosterone shots he’s taking?) not knowing he’s part of the whole clone thing for a good chunk of the show, so it looks as if season 3 might have a new character to deal with provided he survives the remaining two episodes. On the other hand, I’d say he needs to be written a bit better if he does return, as jamming in so much of him into last week’s show and still having him feel like a late addition to the plot definitely showed. Ah well, here’s what’s happening tonight (lots of trouble for the gang, Helena’s back and cranky again and is this the last of Cosima? We’ll seeeeeeeee…:

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