E3 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition Gallery: Hold Your Jaw Up Before Viewing…

E3_2014_Screens_WM_29Oh, the places you’ll go and the people you’ll meet in BioWare’s upcoming Dragon Age sequel. I’d gather that no matter which platform you’re buying this for, you’ll be treated to some wider open spaces and more overall freedom to explore, some great combat and of course, a memorable story with characters you’ll love, hate and love to hate.

No doubt, there’s also the pesky business of DLC from day one and onward, the bane of those gamers who don’t have a decent broadband connection at home and want to play this with every single bit of content. I suppose folks like that can wait for the inevitable Game of the Year or whatever it’s going to get called reissue to get them all that content at a cheaper price, but even that’s not guaranteed these days, as it seems even some reissues demand an online connection to redeem SOMETHING or just to get some information about who’s playing. Anyway, you can get your fix soon enough, as Dragon Age Inquisition will be in stores on October 7, 2014.

Back with more images to pore over in a bit…

E3_2014_Screens_WM_06 E3_2014_Screens_WM_03 E3_2014_Screens_WM_07 E3_2014_Screens_WM_08 E3_2014_Screens_WM_09 E3_2014_Screens_WM_10 E3_2014_Screens_WM_11 E3_2014_Screens_WM_12 E3_2014_Screens_WM_13 E3_2014_Screens_WM_14 E3_2014_Screens_WM_15 E3_2014_Screens_WM_16 E3_2014_Screens_WM_17 E3_2014_Screens_WM_20 E3_2014_Screens_WM_22 E3_2014_Screens_WM_23 E3_2014_Screens_WM_25 E3_2014_Screens_WM_27


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