Game of Thrones Recap: When Push Comes To Shove, Indeed…

Heh. Spoilers, spoilers! You’ve been warned! I won’t be the one who’s scorned! I missed posting about last week’s episode (above) thanks to the week crushing me with stuff to do, but this week’s surprise-packed episode got me chuckling to no end. Yeah, I won’t say a thing so anyone who hasn’t seen it yet can get the full effect, but I really wasn’t shocked about that ending at all other than thinking it would be another annoying character getting the Red Bull Special treatment.

But, wait! There’s more…

I’m not sure I like the Dany/Daario stuff (because Daario is a macho jerk, whee!), but hey – I only observe, not write. Still, let the behind the scenes stuff roll out and let the actors speak their minds. It’ll all make sense in the end, these machinations and kind of cat and mouse romances and such. Eh, no character is perfect on this show, which is one reason I watch it…

And above, a few words from out favorite Uncle George on what’s what this week. I like these brief visits with Uncle, as it’s clear that he’s enjoying what’s done with his brain brood, despite some fans of the books complaining the show isn’t doing this or doing too much of that or whatever.

As for next week? Oh, things are going to get really nasty, it seems. Fights to the death? Always nasty. Aftermaths of sudden demises of royalty? Always nasty. You’ll see in seven days…

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