GOG.com Predicts Robots In Your Future (As In Right Now)…

So, Bionic Dues ($4.99) and CLARC ($5.99) are two nifty-looking games now up on gog.com and I say you should buy one or both. Why? ROBOTS, that’s why! BD is a strategy-based rogue-like game with you going up against a bunch of functioning and malfunctioning robots, while CLARC is a puzzle game that allegedly features drunken robots (which are most likely malfunctioning thanks to inebriation).

You know you need one or more of these games in your life because that Roomba you bought or got as a gift last Christmas is boring you to tears because it doesn’t so anything other than clean (and not too well, at that). Now, you COULD try and reverse engineer it to have some sort of beer can delivery abilities or perhaps a death ray of some sort (the ULTIMATE bug zapper). But that would likely mean you blowing yourself when you poke that screwdriver into the wrong hole and that robot gets its revenge. don’t so that – play a game instead!

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