So, It’s James Brown’s Birthday Today (Or You WILL Be Dancing At Some Point)…

Yeah, I knew you needed a lift today, so here you go, lemon-face. Thanks to the always informative Professor Mortis over at The League of Dead Films for noting this in his excellent post today about Black Caesar, a film I absolutely NEED to write up as a Random Film of the Week or Week(end) soon. There’s nothing like a Larry Cohen flick when he’s in full-on guerrilla mode and this one’s a classic (despite the dubious idea of reviving a character who was killed dead in the first film, it works well as it is with all its unapologetic content intact). Anyway, Please, Please, Please enjoy this super Saturday, whatever you choose to do with it!

1 thought on “So, It’s James Brown’s Birthday Today (Or You WILL Be Dancing At Some Point)…

  1. From what I understand, the film played in (Europe? The States?) with a different ending…they cut before Gibbs is killed. Therefore a sequel wasn’t as weird seeming then as it is now since the original ending with Gibbs very definitive death is the only one you’ll see. I like Black Caesar better than its sequel in any case (though that one has the advantage of being the only movie I’ve ever seen where a chase continues while the characters board airplanes and fly across the country and then picks up again as soon as they land!

    Thank you…and thanks for the T.A.M.I. Show clip! Wish I’d taken any opportunity I could to actually see Brown perform.


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