Tuesday’s Off (On a Few Fronts)…

Did you get my subtle yet obvious April Fool’s joke yet, folks? No? Crap. TOO subtle for you, huh? Well, I was TRYING to fool you all into thinking I wasn’t going to post at all today, but it would seem that did not work at all. Anyway, I’ve decided to take Tuesdays off for some reason, but at this particular Tuesday is the first day of the month, I think it looks a bit lazy to not have anything written to kick things off, as it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the month to start off with nothing. Or something like that. Anyway, I’ll share below what I thought was the best gag of the day – thanks CD Projekt RED:

Well, I thought it was pretty hilarious. Anyway, I’m still cobbling together a few things on the article front, so I think I’ll be back later to update depending on how much the upstairs batteries recharge. Hmmm… my brain says “it’s time to watch a movie!”, but my body say “shut up and take a nap!” I’ll let them fight it out as I go for Plan C behind their backs, mua-ha-ha-ha…

Back in a bit.


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