Lumber Island Chapter Two: Two Bucks Gets You Scared Half To Death? That’s A Buy!

Dean Forge’s unsettling little Unity game, Lumber Island just got an update with a new chapter that worth picking up if you like scary game experiences that have you off kilter from the start. In the first chapter, your character wakes up on a rowboat that’s headed for a dark and not so deserted island and has to deal with a frightening… thing out in the night that seems to want him very dead. The fact that you had no clue as to why you woke up in that boat in the first place coupled with the darkness and disorientation that comes from arriving in a new place in such an abrupt manner made the game a sleeper for me, and this sequel looks even more chilling.

That and those eerie notes that you find that spell out bits of the back story make this a fine little read as well as a game best played in the dark (headphones on at your peril, as you’ll probably keel over dead if someone walks into the room behind you and taps you on the shoulder). At only $1.99 (but you know you NEED the first chapter for an extra $1.99, right?), this one will keep your spine shaking so much for about four to six hours that you won’t even be able to move around using that mouse and keyboard. Yeah, you KNOW you want it… so go get it already!

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