VGA 101: Running the Gauntlet to Get Gauntlet IV Running…

Gauntlet Running 
Sometimes, the simplest things can take way too long but the payoff is well worth it. I was recently in the mood to dig up a classic and had Gauntlet on the brain. Not just ANY Gauntlet, mind you, but Gauntlet IV on the Sega Genesis. That version of the game is not only four players, but has a few game modes not in the original arcade hit including a story-based RPG mode with a bunch of element themed levels and an ending that’s a total corker. Imagine my surprise when I went to my bookshelf full of Genesis and Mega Drive games and… there was no copy of Gauntlet to be found.

Eeek. Just when my eyebrow was shooting up over my forehead, I recalled that I’d traded my cardboard box version of the game for a second manual-less copy of Shadowrun (which I still need a manual for) and something else I needed a cart of that I had a box and manual for. Oops. So, I now needed a replacement and thanks to a bit of quick hunting around, I found a plastic-boxed version in really nice shape for $16 shipped. NOW, I could get playing…

Or not, as I soon found out…

I’s been using my Japanese Mega Drive for the most part for the last few games I’d bought for the system because they were unlicensed titles from Watermelon Team and Super Fighter Team that worked on any console. However, most Tengen Genesis games tend to only run on consoles from the territories the games were programmed for. I got an error message when I popped the cart into my MD, but that didn’t stop me at all, as I had a few Genesis consoles socked away here that I hadn’t used in a while and in one case, forgot where I’d put the darn thing. Oops (deux!). I found the Genesis 2 first, attached to the Sega-CD 2 (as it should be), but after setting it up, I couldn’t locate the proper AV cable in the big crate of cables I spent the better part of two days reorganizing last year. I found a bunch of Sega Saturn and other cables that LOOKED as if they’d fit, but it was no dice, meaning I now needed to shell out for a replacement cable or go look for another Genesis buried in a bin here. Oops.

I decided to go look for that third Genesis, as I know I have more than one hiding around the home office and figured I may as well look for it now instead of buying a cable and waiting for it to be shipped only to trip over an extra Genny while looking for something else. Hey, it’s happened before, people. Anyway, about an hour or so later and some sore muscles (*Ouch!* I need a back/neck/foot/brain rub now, grrr), I found what I was looking for, a bit dusty bit still working PERFECTLY. Of course, after all that hard work and dinking around, now I’m too tired to play anything but the nearest pillow. But at least I know everything’s ready when I want to get cracking. Drop on by if you like… you may need to bring your own controller, though. I have some extras around here, but in a bin somewhere I haven’t yet looked.


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