The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt VGX Trailer: Oy, Geralt!

Wow. Well, you certainly can’t say CD Projekt RED is slacking off one bit, as every little update and scrap of footage that rolls out from the Polish developer is more and more incredible. I’ve only watched this twice and I’m already thinking about selling off unused body parts to afford something to play this on. Unfortunately, I need all of my parts just in case, so I’m accepting volunteers to donate to the cause. Cash or parts, I can find a use for either, a ha ha. (Sings):“Gonna make me a monsterrrrrrr… gotta stitch and sewwww…” Okay, not REALLY, as my sewing skills stink and my freezer is a bit too small to fit in my own head, much less YOURS. Besides, you need that head to read this site and at least ONE hand to click around, correct? You’re safe, dear reader… you’re safe… for now (Dun, dun DUNNNNNNNNN!).

Yeah, it’s been a long day here, kids…

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