Gallery: Remember Me


RM_PressTour2013__22Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment are about to bring gamers a new action heroine who could be yeat another really interesting female characters making her debut this year.  Remember Me, coming on June 4, 2013 will see the deadly and agile Nilin take to the streets of 2084 Neo-Paris as she attempts to discover why her former employers wiped her memory (leaving her very underemployed as a result) AND seems to have sent out a team of assassins to deal with her. Eeek… talk about NO job security!

rm_ps3_fob 2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

Anyway, the team at Dontnod is cooking up an absolutely beautiful game as you can see from the nice screenshot gallery below the jump, and the gameplay is also looking quite lovely (and innovative) as well. PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can look forward to this one soon (as time is absolutely flying this year).

RM_PressTour_nologo_03 RM_PressTour_nologo_04 RM_PressTour_nologo_05 RM_PressTour2013__01 RM_PressTour2013__02 RM_PressTour2013__05 RM_PressTour2013__06 RM_PressTour2013__07 RM_PressTour2013__08 RM_PressTour2013__10 RM_PressTour2013__11 RM_PressTour2013__12 RM_PressTour2013__14 RM_PressTour2013__15 RM_PressTour2013__16 RM_PressTour2013__18 RM_PressTour2013__19 RM_PressTour2013__20 RM_PressTour2013__21 RM_PressTour2013__24 RM_PressTour2013__25 RM_PressTour_nologo_01 RM_PressTour_nologo_02 RM_PressTour_nologo_06 RM_PressTour_nologo_07 RM_PressTour_nologo_08 RM_PressTour_nologo_09 RM_PressTour_nologo_10 RM_PressTour_nologo_11 RM_PressTour_nologo_12 RM_PressTour_nologo_13 RM_PressTour_nologo_14 RM_PressTour_nologo_15 RM_PressTour_nologo_16 RM_PressTour_nologo_17 RM_PressTour_nologo_18 RM_PressTour_nologo_19 RM_PressTour_nologo_20 RM_PressTour_nologo_21

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