BUY THIS! mimoco & Lucasfilm Say “May the 4th Be With You” With An R2-A6 Drive


OK, so I’m a wee bit slow. It took me a while to figure out this whole May 4th thing and the Star Wars connection. All this time I thought it was because George Lucas had a speech impediment. There’s nothing wrong with a little lisp, mind you, but there’s probably something up with YOU if you miss out on this cool SUPER limited edition R2-A6 MIMOBOT, available NOW at mimoco’s online shop.

Like other MIMOBOT USB drives, this one comes in a few storage sizes (this one’s available in 8 to 128GB models) and also comes LOADED with cool bonuses such as desktop icons, avatars, wallpapers and more. The only thing you won’t get are any Imperial battle station plans, as those are in another droid entirely. Um, I WOULD say “this isn’t the droid you’re looking for”, but mimoco’s really nice PR person would probably beat me up (or hire a bounty hunter to do the deed). I’ll stay on her good side, as I have a “No Blasters!” rule around here that’s strictly enforced by me staying out of trouble. Anyway, go get yourself a new (and VERY useful) droid. You look as if you could use a bit more organization in your life, I say…

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