Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Random Screenshot of the Day: Georgeus Interruptus…



05_George  Woodman_w Yeah, yeah, we NORMALLY do our Saturday Evening Post about the swingin’ Swery65 Bar, but I just got an URGENT call followed by an email from Greenvale’s own Sheriff George Woodman, who’s a bit pissed off at me. OK, he’s REALLY pissed off at me and he’s probably got a good reason for that. Hey, I’m just trying to make these updates as entertaining as possible, so I tend to stretch the truth a little. Anyway, he’s mad because I’ve been portraying him as a bad-ass apple practical joker who’s mean, cranky and always going after FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan (just call him York!) in some not so good ways. Anyway, George wants you to know that he’s a really nice guy and has a VERY sensitive side few get to see because he’s SUPPOSED to be a tough no-nonsense sheriff and isn’t supposed to be a super “nice” guy when he’s ON the job. Anyway, a few more things about George you should know (according to him):

To all the single ladies in the house, he likes long walks on the beach, classical music and fine dining (despite Greenvale not having a beach or wine being served at the A&G Diner where he can be found nearly every day – those home fries are killer!). George also writes the occasional poem or song and, hey… he even sent along an email with some sample lyrics from something he’s done recently to show he’s got a good sense of humor about himself:

Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Maurice
Cause I speak of the pompat…

HEY, wait a minute there! Those are the opening lines from that classic rock song The Joker by the Steve Miller Band! Damn you George… you almost got me, too. Hmmm. I just got another email from him with a picture – he’s giving me the finger and sticking his tongue out in it. Yeah, he’s a TOTAL jerk after all, folks…

DPDC PS3 US EFS 2D RealStill, don’t let that stop you one bit from pre-ordering your own copy of Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut, coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 on April 30, 2013. Featuring updated visuals, PlayStation Move and 3D TV support, new content and more, you’ll absolutely love the game for the stuff outside of Woodman’s little power plays for your undivided attention. I think he’s just ticked off that York is getting more attention than he ever has. Personally, I really do think there’s something wrong with the guy, (but don’t you DARE tell him I said that as I think he’s got quite a mean streak)…

suda 51_swery 65Still, I guess it was fine working for a famous big shot Game Director like Swery 65 (shown here with another famous big shot game director, Suda 51), as I can’t recall ANY reports of on-set problems while the game was being made. Sure, a few makeup and catering people went missing (and have never been found), but you know how it is in this business with a high turnover rate among certain types of low-level employees, right? Hmmm… maybe I should do some more digging on this Woodman character, as York seems like he’s a bit tied up with that Red Seeds Killer case and I think he could use some assurance that ol’ George isn’t a suspect…

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