How’s Your Japanese? EDF 4 Message Incoming From D3Publisher! EDF指令本部より緊急通信!


Earth-Defense-Force-2025_2013_03-28-13_005OK, I’m only running this here because I’m trapped (TRAPPED, I say!) at home on a sloooooow as molasses Internet connection and can’t upload all those lovely new EDF 2025/EDF 4 screens that Gematsu and another site have been posting over the last few days. Here’s ONE to ogle on the left (all four character classes in a classic hero pose) and I’ll get more up tomorrow with a link to the well over 100 other new screens I’ve been drooling over. The game is looking even better, one of the DLC bonuses (in Japan, at least) is truly bizarre and funny (hopefully we’ll see it here with no explanation, as it’s too goofy to even get into WHY it’s a bonus other than to say it’s an otaku thing). Anyway, if you can figure out that video, good for you. You now know more than a few people who read this site about the upcoming game. Of course, if it’s an April Fool’s joke, that would be even funnier, right?


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