Skylanders Swap Force Gameplay (Dramamine Version)…


Yeah, I shot that! AND it’s my first YouTube video post. Whee. That said, dear readers… I do hope your chair or couch has a seat belt and you’re not prone to motion sickness, as this footage is shaky central. But the game on the other hand… is amazing. Vicarious Visions takes over from Toys for Bob and brings Skylanders into HD in fine form indeed. The character animation and voice talent are near Insomniac/Naughty Dog levels, the gameplay is enhanced with the new Swap Force characters (and now ALL your old Skylanders can jump in this game, a HUGE plus that opens up the gameplay even more). So far, this is turning into my new favorite future time-sink (Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is also on that list), so yes, I’ll be keeping an eye peeled and posting less shaky updates in the future.

Er, In case your eyeballs are rolling around inside your head from my camerawork, below is the non-shaky full press conference from the superb One of Swords blog:


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