Got $25K Lying Around? You Can Own EVERY Super Nintendo Game Ever Released in North America.

SNES WOWHoly cats. This is one of those things that makes me wish I had a ton of money to toss around like a rapper making it rain in a strip club. Ebay user kaisetsuna has put up an amazing auction that features all 721 Super Nintendo games ever released in the US, Mexico and Canada. 500 pounds of games in assorted conditions, all with boxes (save for the handful of pack-in games that didn’t have them), most with manuals. Even crazier is how the lot was assembled and why he’s getting rid of such an impressive stash. He cobbled together the bulk of the games through multiple purchases, replacing battered boxes and when possible, manuals with better condition ones, cleaning up carts and more all for archiving the games for reference purposes and future emulation…

Normally, I’m kind of not so keen on emulation in a case such as this, but given that many publishers of these games are no more and who owns what IP is up in the air, some sort of preservation for future games has to be done. It’s too bad Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft haven’t figured out how dam important game history is to some of use and how they should have thought further ahead in regards to making every title ever made for one of their systems available to those who want to play them. Of course, they don’t, so that leads to mostly responsible collectors and archivists doing it for them.

As the lot has been up for a short while, well over a hundred offers have been made, so that $25,000 is a bit negotiable. Still, about $35 a game is a steal when you count gems such as Earthbound, the Final Fantasy games, a bunch of other RPGs and plenty of obscure to popular expensive titles. Nevertheless, I’d imagine that kaisetsuna wants to sell this stash OFF ebay in order to avoid paying their huge fees (and yes, PayPal gets their own cut should the winner pay through them).  Anyway, absolutely go check out the auction before it ends if only to ogle the glorious gallery of carts, manuals and boxes and read the list of games (and don’t forget to make a copy of that long list for yourself if you’re into SNES collecting – it’ll come in REALLY handy).

Someone’s going to have a VERY Merry Xmas, is all I’m saying. Hmmm…. perhaps it’ll be someone I know on the Digital Press forums? We shall see, I guess…

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