Got A Legend of Zelda Fan on Your Holiday Gift List? STL Ocarinas Will Get Them Grinning…

Whether you’re a gamer or not you probably know someone who’s a Legend of Zelda fan. Trust me, even if you don’t THINK you do, all you need to do is ask around and in under five minutes, it’s like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (And yeah, I have a weird connection to Mr. B as well – live in NYC long enough and that sort of thing happens). Anyway, if that person or person just so happens to be someone you like enough to want to gently drop a holiday or other occasion day present into their hot little hands, one (or more) STL Ocarinas should make them smile for years to come and then some…


While the St. Louis-based company makes a ton of lovely hand-crafted ocarinas for novice to skilled players, once you set your eyes on any of their Legend of Zelda-themed Ocarina lineup, you’ll want to buy them all. Granted, you’ll need a lot of friends with over 20 models to choose from, but count yourself as one of those people (you should learn an instrument anyway, and the ocarina has a way of teaching you a bit of breath control) and there you go.

STL kindly sent me one of their gorgeous Special Edition 12-Hole Zelda Tenor Ocarinas ($74.00) and a SUPER cute 6-Hole Legend of Zelda Potion Ocarina ($22.99) and I’ve been practicing a bit when I have the time. I haven’t yet mastered getting little birdies and fairies in the trees around here to flit around and keep a tune going with me, but the dust bunnies under the bed roll out and dance now. If you’re going to be gifting ocarinas, you should kindly be informed that STL offers FREE shipping on orders over $80. With models starting at $16.00 for a Rupee Soprano Ocarina up to $220 for the custom briefcase-encased  Legend of Zelda Ocarina Set, you’ll be out hacking shrubbery for gems and trading them for these finely crafted instruments in no time flat.

OK, so I’ll never grow pointy ears, it’s been years since I’ve used a bow (some archery back in camp days) and heck, running around in the woods dressed like Link with a wooden sword and shield would only get me some buckshot in the butt courtesy of some hunter thinking I was some nutty old hermit trying to defend his favorite tree or something. That said, staying home and playing the ocarina while hoping we see a Wii U Zelda game coming on the horizon is more my speed, so that’s just what I’m going to be doing. And you too, most likely… or that Zelda fan you now know you need to get a gift for now.

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