Random Art: One From the Vaults: Sonic + Mega Man

Quick backstory: I did this back in 1993, so perhaps I was a tiny bit psychic. About a year later, gamers were getting all excited reading about Sega making some sort of big publishing deal with Capcom which some thought would also bring Mega Man to the US on a Genesis cart. Of course, that didn’t exactly happen and Rockman Mega World/Mega Man: The Wily Wars is to date, a highly desired collectable. It was released in Japan and PAL territories in English, but Sega decided to ONLY give this game a shot as part of their innovative Sega Channel service.  Blast you Sega for being so damned forward thinking!

Er, forward thinking in ONE area (that, yes, helped shaped gaming in a great way), but still… forgetting about folks who wanted physical copies of games like this, Pulseman and Alien Soldier (both of which also showed up in the US as download-only Sega Channel content that like every game on the service, couldn’t be saved once the console was turned off!) annoyed those of us left out of the loop. Hell, I knew absolutely no one who used the Sega Channel here in New York City, so I always thought it was a lousy idea. Then again, to those estimated 250,000 users of the service, I’d bet they thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Anyway, this scan is from a photocopy (so some of the colors are blown out a bit), as the original got sent off to Sega and was published in an issue of Sega Visions magazine. I may or may not have that old issue lying around. If I find it, it gets posted. I think it might be the issue with the Street Fighter II cover, but I’m not sure. I actually have a note pad page from Capcom with a nice illustration of Sonic and Mega Man shaking hands, but I can’t find it just yet (I did see it a few months ago while looking through some fanzine stuff, so that’s where I’ll start my search). That particular memento was sent to me signed by the late, great Bill Kunkel with a bunch of other fun stuff, but that’s a story I’ll tell once I track down the page.

2 thoughts on “Random Art: One From the Vaults: Sonic + Mega Man

  1. Your drawings are pretty good! I’m starting to get an appreciation for how dedicated you were (and are) to video gaming 🙂
    I’m also deeply upset that Rockman and Pulseman didn’t make it out of Japan… and even more upset at how much they cost these days!


    • Yeah, I’m wishing I didn’t sell that Pulseman I had and even worse, the shop I used to work in about 10 years ago got a box of those in and was selling them for a mere $20 back then. That’s where I lucked out and bought mine, but had I know it would be such a big deal these days, I’d have picked up two more of the few we had left. Ah well…


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