Mind Food 1: Get Your Brain Happy WIth A Premium Scrabble Set

If you have to have to update that busted old Scrabble set (or want to grab a new one for a gift that will last forever), I say spend the extra cash and go all out with one of Winning Solutions official (and officially awesome) Deluxe Scrabble sets. Ranging in price from $39.99 for the pocket size Deluxe Folio Edition to $199.99 for the already sold out Typography Edition, these are great editions of the classic word-making game that would be great additions to any collection. My personal favorite: the Giant Scrabble Deluxe Wood Edition that’s perfect for old fogies like me because the oversize board and tiles mean I can see what I’m misspelling with ease.  Anyway, go get your word on if that’s your thing, I say.  We need a LOT more in the way of smart people these days, and hell, you may as well have F-U-N while you’re expanding your brain’s horizons. Winning Solutions also has a nice collection of other classic Parker Brothers and Hasbro favorites, but you’re probably already poring over their page already, correct?

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