Hitman Absolution Pre-Order Bonuses: Agent 47 Hides Guns Everywhere, It Seems…

I’m not a huge fan of the way game bonus content gets diced up into selected bits and turned into multiple retailer exclusives (and I just KNOW a lot of fellow gamers as well as more than a few developers hate this as well), but this is something you just can’t get away from these days with many AAA releases.

Still, IO Interactive and Square Enix made me laugh with these pre-order weapons from the upcoming Hitman: Absolution. That thick Professional Edition in the top photo is tempting enough, but Amazon (well, one of their many crate-filled warehouses), Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart are all looking like places Agent 47 can pop into when he needs a new gun. Which means that clerks and shelf-stockers at these places had better watch their backs, as they might get KO’d and dragged into a closet when a certain bald guy in a black suit steps into their workplace…


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