Asura’s Wrath DLC Packs Quite The Punch (And Needs To Be Put On A Disc)…


Wow, It really stinks to be an Asura’s Wrath fan without a decent online connection, that’s for sure. Capcom has launched the first of a few killer add-ons for CyberConnect 2’s manly muscle-bound masterpiece that in the coming weeks will include some pretty amazing content.  Starting today over PSN (and tomorrow over Xbox Live), “Episode 11.5” launches, followed next week (April 3) by “Episode 15.5” hitting PSN and XBL. Each episode will sell for 1.99 over PSN or 160 MS Points over Xbox Live.  April 24 hits even harder with a four-episode content pack for 6.99 (560 MS Points) and finally, May will be the big killer month for many AW fans. Why? Capcom plans to pit Asura up against two of Street Fighter’s legendary combatants, Ryu (May 9) and Akuma (May 16). Each content pack will be 1.99 over PSN and 160 MS Points through Xbox Live.

Hey, Capcom! I’d actually pay a little extra for a expansion disc with ALL that content and I’d bet a lot of others would too. Think about it.


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