Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor WIll REALLY Make You Want A Kinect

As this very cool Gamescom 2011 interview with the game’s producers (decked out in their Army gear) shows, FromSoftware is on track to wow Kinect owners (and skeptics alike) with their upcoming game. Between the retro visual style and influences (the Omaha Beach sequence from Saving Private Ryan springs to mind) plus the fact that yes, you’re controlling a huge walking mech in real time (and without that massive 40 button controller the original SB had back on the Xbox), this one looks like a keeper. It also looks like Kinect is getting a few games hardcore gamers will really want to get their hands on (provided they also manage to wrap their heads around the whole no controller aspect*).

*Well, the game actually DOES require a 360 controller, but you’ll still do the majority of playing without it.


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