Classic Gaming Expo 2010 Info!

It’s baaaaaaaaack! Want to spend a weekend in Vegas surrounded by TONS of vintage to current games, game consoles and plenty of cool folks who love them (as well as a few that have created them)? Well, Classic Gaming Expo 2010 is set to take place at the Tropicana Las Vegas on the weekend of July 31 and August 1, 2010, so boogie on over to the registration page and get your pass NOW.

In addition to more games than you can shake a stick at (sticks not included at the show) , AtariAge and Digital Press are hosting a “Retro Rumble” tournament where the best classic gamers can compete to win fame and some awesome prizes. There will more likely than not be an incredible, eyeball searing auction where attendees can snag some really rare games, systems and swag (I’ll update this as info comes in) as well as many special guests

As the press release says:

“Classic Gaming Expo is the largest and longest-running celebration of classic video games, the designers who created them, the players who enjoy them and the fanatics who collect them.”

Anyway, c’mon down, bring the family and prepare to break the bank (or at least maim it slightly)… but not on slots or roulette! You’ll more than likely go broke picking up some great deals on classic to current gaming goodness.

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