Gallery: Dementium II

The fine folks down at Austin, Texas-based Renegade Kid are at it again. The award-winning developer of two of the best technical achievements (and fantastic game experiences, by the way) for the Nintendo DS, Dementium: The Ward and MOON are set to scare your pants (and possibly whatever else you’re wearing) off yet again with Dementium II, set for a 2010 release through publisher Southpeak Games. This small team of talented guys really knows how to get the DS hardware to do just what they want and based on these early screens, DII could be their best work yet…


I’m an old-school kicker, so the Kid’s stuff reminds me of plenty of fun times playing DOS and Win95/98 games on my creaky 486 (later a shiny Pentium with a whopping 6MB hard drive – ah, memories). Of course, the more modern touches the DS has (handheld portability, dual screen format and snappy stylus action) make their games even more of a blast to play. Anyway, here’s the “Holy Cats!”-worthy box art, which has to be one of the most wickedly cool pieces of cover art ever for any platform. As soon as I saw it, I thought “Alright, I’m sold – somebody give Southpeak’s PR team a ten-second TV ad budget, please!

I happen to have an idea for that little ad cooking in my brainpan right now, as a matter of fact…

There are a handful of early screenshots below, as well. I’ll definitely need to ask for a gameplay video at some point. As a longtime horror game junkie, I’m thinking this one should look quite lovely in action. Playing each of their games really makes me wonder what the Kid can do with the Wii or PSP hardware if they wanted to… hmmmm. Anyway, set your drool cups* on “ogle” and gaze away…

*”Drool Cups” is a trademark of my good buddy and fellow gamer Joe Santulli, all rights reserved and all that stuff like that there.

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