Funko Wants To Make Your SDCC Visit Memorable With Some Tasty HANNIBAL Giveaways!

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Funko has a bunch of stuff to give away at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but I’d say this HANNIBAL Pop! vinyl figure, custom made and signed by series creator Brian Fuller has to be one of the cooler items I’ve seen. Take a peek below:

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Funko Fuller Hannibal 

Now, the ONLY way to get this one is to be AT the show! The figure will be on display at the Funko booth from Previews Night through Sunday. Stop by the booth and fill out an entry card – the big drawing will be on Sunday! One lucky winner will be selected and then that person had best hope he makes it out of the show in one piece, as I hear fans of that show can be pretty crazy (in a manner of speaking, of course!). In addition, Bryan Fuller and Hannibal actress Caroline Dhavernas will be signing at the Funko booth #5343 on Friday at 1pm AND there’s the chance for ONE more REALLY lucky fan to win an advanced set of the Hannibal Pop! figures. How? Well, one clue would be following @NBCHannibal and @OriginalFunko during the convention. I don’t think you need to be in attendance for the latter giveaway, but I’d gather chances may increase if you are out thataway. If you’re going or entering, as always… Good Luck!

Hannibal Adventure

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Not Going To San Diego Comic-Con This Year? Funko Still Wants To Give You Something Hikari!

Hikari logoThree SUPER limited edition Hikari Sofubi Vinyl figures are up for grabs this week and only THREE very lucky people will be getting the first of these three figures you can ONLY get if you attend the upcoming San Diego Comic Con! In other words, even if you DO go to the con and line up, if you’re person number 1498 to roll up to the Funko Booth (#5343), you’re pretty much SOL here. Anyway check out the trio of awesome up for this week’s giveaway:

Mean & Green Raphael:
Mean and Green Raphael

Ice Freeze Batman:
Ice Freeze Batman

Red Rain Batman:
Red Rain BatmanAs usual, if you want to win, here’s the ONLY way to do so:

Hit up one of Funko’s social media channels:
Instagram @OriginalFunko

Follow the instructions and hold your breath until next Thursday when the winners are announced. Good Luck and if you happen to win one AND pick up another at the convention, good for you, you lucky soon to be chased around by other Funko collectors guy or gal, you!

The Doctor Is Almost IN (And It Looks As If He Needs A Doctor!)

I’m trying to avoid these too-brief teasers for the new season of Doctor Who kicking off in just over month on August 23, but this one made me laugh for a few reasons. One of which may be that voice could mean Davros and the Daleks are coming back early in the new season. Well, that’s what I got out of this teaser. If I’m wrong, oh well… it’s why I dislike teasers! Okay, go watch some real explosions outside, folks! I’ll be back and more on point tomorrow…

AMC Wants You To Stay Home Scared This Weekend (Or: Zombies Are Safer Than Fireworks)

If, for whatever reason you still haven’t seen AMC’s The Walking Dead and are now interested in playing a bit of catch up binge-watching or you’re a fan wanting to stay in one place and practice for some “actual” zombie apocalypse by hunkering down with some rations and camping out indoors while all hell breaks loose outside, here you go. AMC will indeed be running EVERY episode of the show starting Friday at 9AM/8c. Right after the final episode of Season 4 ends on Sunday night at 9pm, there’s some NEW contest afterwards – a Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special, hosted by Chris Hardwick with guests The Walking Dead Showrunner and Executive Producer Scott M. Gimple and actress Aisha Tyler. I’ll probably catch that special just because all of the shows I normally watch are on hiatus and I’ll be bored to tears (unless I have a game or movie to occupy me of course).

I generally avoid these pre-season antics because as I’ve noted countless times, I prefer to go in cold to a new season of a favorite show, not get a head full of information swirling around for months or a year or however long it takes to complete a season of shooting. Of course,I could simply forget what I’ve seen by the time Season 5 rolls around, as there’s so many other things going on…

Orphan Black 2:10 Recap: A Few Less Sisters, A Few More Surprises…

Well, it’s a wrap on Season 2 of Orphan Black and as with the first season, more questions than answers crop up, but thee also seem to be a few things that got resolved in one way or another. Still, some things were a bit odd to me. A few of the important characters from the first season ended up dying (in oddball manners, at that), although I’m thinking one may make a return as we only saw her somewhat gravely injured and not actually “dead.” Shades of Helena’s “demise” in the first season, I guess. speaking of Helena, her arc was pretty interesting up to the point that she somehow got snatched near the close of the show, meaning so much for the happy reunion/dance party that cheered up the proceedings for a bit.

Poor Cosima looked as she wasn’t going to make it through the entire episode at all, but thankfully, she was still hanging on at the end. That said, she still needs to be cured of what she’s got, but thanks to another dead character, it seems that cure might be one for the books (or IN the books, if you saw the show and smiled at a certain scene). I got a bit confused at one point, so I’ll need to watch the episode again thanks to me looking down at something I was writing for about thirty seconds and missing something important. Oops.

Still, the end reveal made me see that Season 3 will be a bit packed in terms of plot twists and even more surprises. I kind of figured there was more than one clone type out there, but who it turned out to be was an interesting bit of business, that’s for sure. Oh well… here’s to waiting for the announcement of when Season 3′s shooting gets underway. Hopefully, BBC America will keep the first two seasons On Demand and not split them up to a “pay more to see this!” service like certain other dopey networks have done with their programming…

Game of Thrones 4:10 – Endgame For Some, More Game For The Rest…

Okay, I waited the required amount of days of mourning for those who bought the farm on the final episode of Season 4, so here’s a wrap up of sorts. Well, not having read the books other than bits and pieces of two of them, I’ll say I was nicely surprised at how things ended this season. I knew Tyrian wasn’t going anywhere (yet), so his rescue and revenge bits were lovely to see. Now you know why bathroom doors have LOCKS these days, people.

As for the battle of the century THIS episode (or Brienne of Tarr versus The Hound), it was certainly fierce and bloody, but I figured it wouldn’t be a head-popping as that last big one on one fight on the show. I guess that’s the end of one of these characters, but as we don’t see an actual death, I wouldn’t be surprised if that old dog pops up in a future season. Of course, that bit has been done already, so perhaps he’s gone for good. Oh well. There are plenty of other mean men (and ladies) left on the show to get ticked off at…

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A “Gentle” Reminder From Game of Thrones…

So, today is Father’s Day and yes, every daddy-o on Game of Thrones has got problems of a sort to deal with or has been a problem to someone else that’s been resolved (or will be at some point). Tonight’s the season finale, so it’ll be edge of the seat time while it’s rolling out fates for assorted dads and non-dads alike. My own father is no longer with us these days, so save for this sole post I’m taking the bulk of today off just to get a little breather before I reboot Monday and resume a bunch of stuff I need to follow up on. If you own dad/granddad or any pop you know is still around (and you get along these days), do something nice for him today – that’s an order, by the way.

Orphan Black 2:9 Trailer: Those Ties That Bind Are Also Good For Wrapping Things Up…

So, was anyone else slightly freaked out by Tony last week? It was weird in a fun way to watch Tatiana Maslany play a guy and that guy (who might be a girl, as what’s up with the testosterone shots he’s taking?) not knowing he’s part of the whole clone thing for a good chunk of the show, so it looks as if season 3 might have a new character to deal with provided he survives the remaining two episodes. On the other hand, I’d say he needs to be written a bit better if he does return, as jamming in so much of him into last week’s show and still having him feel like a late addition to the plot definitely showed. Ah well, here’s what’s happening tonight (lots of trouble for the gang, Helena’s back and cranky again and is this the last of Cosima? We’ll seeeeeeeee…:

Game of Thrones 4:9 Recap: A Bit Late, But I’m Still Recovering…

Hey, this week was so packed with stuff that I didn’t get a chance to post a post-show impressions post. That’s too many posts in that last sentence, but I’ll let you forgive me while I ramble on a bit. So, the Wall did not fall, but plenty of good and bad men did thanks to everything from unhappy accidents, being in the wrong place and general last man standing stuff… Continue reading

Orphan Black S4:9 Preview: Another Clone? Oh Brother, Things Are Getting Sticky Here!

Yikes, that last episode was QUITE a doozy, huh? That new clone being a shady guy with a mullet and hipster beard (and deftly played by Tatiana Maslany at that!) threw me for a loop, but that ending was a shocker. Then again, Cosima’s condition was always going to be an issue, so now there’s a week’s wait to see if she’s okay. Another twist? Donnie actually got a sympathetic scene that worked, but he and Alison are quite the messed up couple for sure. Anyway, Rachel’s cranky for a good reason, the other clones have issues popping up that will hopefully get ironed out with two shows left and I’m glad I’m a fan of this show. Whee!

(Actually, this is a test post to check on some issues I’m having posting on the site, so wave if you’re reading this and I’ll wave back!)