I HATE Speculation, But I’ve Thought The Last Guardian Was PS4-Bound For A While…

TLG_PS4_maybeOf course, if I’m wrong and this ends up as one of the last PS3 titles coming before the new system arrives, it’s no big deal. But given that the game is still in development according to this recent post on Fumito Ueda’s site, rumors of other studios assisting in the dev process and my thinking for a while now that this switch to a new console and the resulting stress may be one of the unspoken reasons for him leaving SCE Japan, things are adding up to something intriguing. Actually, for about a year or so I’ve been thinking that TLG would indeed make a spectacular launch title for the new system, given the penchant for many launch titles to, well… suck a whole lot when looked back upon (or worse, suck a lot when they’re initially played).

From the first reveal, it was clear that The Last Guardian was definitely not going to suck a lot (or even a little) and somehow, its former fate as a tail-end PS3 game doomed to history as “the last great game on a dying console” needed to be dealt with. Sure, the old gal needs to (and frankly, should) go out on a high note, shattering a few windows as she’s sent up to console Valhalla. However, Sony has a few key killer first-party games on the way that insure the system will be VERY well remembered as one where the company’s internal dev teams were knocking it out of the park early (and often) for years…

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The Last Guadian Is Indeed, The Last Team Ico Game…

Sad news for PS3 owners, according to Eurogamer. The recent speculation about Fumento Ueda’s departure from Team Ico is indeed true. Coupled with Executive Producer Yoshifusa Hayama’s heading off to join a social gaming developer, this means PS3 owners will be seeing their final work as the last ever production from the award-winning development team (as well as any chances for a fourth game vanish into thin air like a smoke creature from Ico). Let the wild internet theories commence, but I’m going out on a limb to say it’s most likely a mixture of burnout, creative differences and the general stress of trying to make a follow up to two of the most acclaimed games of the past console generation. My review of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection is here – go buy it if you haven’t yet. It’s now a bit of a collectible and it’ll make you a bit teary-eyed fora few reasons (and a few more, if you’ve been around since the PS2 versions originally launched).

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TGS 2010: Sony Announces Team Ico Collection, 3D Blu-Ray Firmware Update For PS3

Of course, Walmart was dead-on. At TGS 2010, Sony has revealed that yes, Team Ico has been working away on that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus collection for the PS3. The games will be in HD, support 3D and hit retail in 2011. Another spectacular trailer for The Last Guardian (edit: NOW set for a “Holiday 2011″ launch – ah well…) was shown as well and quite a few games were announced that will take advantage of 3D technology. Naturally, Sony will be releasing another firmware update for the PS3 that allows for 3D Blu-Ray viewing.

Now, I just need the cash to actually afford a full 3D setup…

Gallery: The Last Guardian

Here are standard-sized screens along with some unique portrait sized, ethereally lovely images from Sony’s guaranteed masterpiece. This one is on my absolute must-have list and should be on yours as well. Don’t have a PS3 yet? Well, here’s a hell of a great reason to own one, I say.


The Last Guardian E3 Trailer

Simply beautiful is all I can say (well, I can’t wait to play it is something else I’ll say). Like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus before it, The Last Guardian looks to be an instant classic when it’s finally released.