Dark Souls II PC: Dead-ja Vu All Over Again… PREPARE TO BUY!

Well, SOME of you are already downloading or playing this as we speak (wait, we’re back on speaking terms? Okay, fine!), but to the rest of you holdouts with decent gaming rigs to run this who are on the fence, you need a kick in the pants (well, a light one, as I don’t want to get on your bad side again). Just BUY it and prepare for a super tough but rewarding game experience. A bit to a great deal challenging for new players, but a total corker if you love games that test you and don’t even bother to hold your hand as you explore at will.

Dark Souls II doesn’t tell you much other than “here you are, find out what to do on your own” and to some, it will be the ultimate in “PAY ATTENTION!” game experiences because once you take your eyes and ears off the ball, something is going to come out the darkness swinging something heavy and dull or heavy and sharp and your poor avatar gets knocked off, down or into something that kills it. Oops. You’ll learn to appreciate dying here whether or not you play the game with other live players dropping in to invade your game.

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Natsume Keeps The PSP Flame Alive With End of Serenity!

01 05 06 
The PSP has become the handheld that just won’t die even though I’d gather that the bulk of owners have moved onto the Vita. On the other hand, I have three PSP’s here and one Vita and some months, one of those older handhelds gets more usage than the newer, pricier one. Anyway, like last year’s sleeper hit, Mystic Chronicles, Natsume’s upcoming RPG End of Serenity started life as a mobile phone game in Japan and is making it overseas this summer as a digital release via PSN. Although the game will make an appearance at this year’s E3, I won’t be there, so I’ll be like the rest of you intrigued about this old-school JRPG and snapping it up when it drops as a download. If the latter game was any indication, gamers can expect a very long and highly challenging JRPG that looks and plays like it belongs on a 16-bit console (which is always a great thing in my book).

More news to come once Natsume rattles my inbox some more – stay tuned…

Tales of Hearts R: Your Vita Will Want You To Get This (Or Else)…

Now, I haven’t yet heard of any cases where someone’s Vita attempted to do them bodily harm, but I’d gather if anyone who does own one of Sony’s handhelds who considers him or herself a JRPG fan somehow doesn’t pick Tales of Hearts R up, there’s going to be trouble on the home front. If you don’t pre-order this or snap it up on launch day (or within the first week or so), you’ll be in the bath or shower and hear a noise close by… it’ll be your Vita trying to leap into the tub to literally give you the shock of your life. Hey, it COULD happen, you know.

Hearts_R_logo_RGB Animation1_OP_en Animation2_Kor obtains Soma_en Animation3_Kor meets Kohaku_en Battle2_Cross Chase Charge_en Battle3_Mystic Arte Cut-in_en Battle4_Mystic Arte executed_en Battle5_Spiria Drive_en Event1_Kor Obtains Soma_en Event2_Kor meets Kohaku_en Event4_Spiria Nexus_en

Kohaku Hearts Kor Meteor

Granted, Hideo Baba and Tales Studio wouldn’t make a game that’s deliberately going to harm someone, but you know your Vita has a mind of its own sometimes. That would explain the games you buy on a few occasions, I’d gather… anyway, this winter, you’d best remember to get some Tales action up in the house or else…

Gallery: STYX: Master of Shadows Is Looking Sneaky And Pretty…

styx-01 styx-07 styx-06 styx-05 styx-04 styx-03 styx-02 styx-08

Cyanide Studio’s upcoming stealth action/RPG is looking mighty fine indeed in these eight screens just posted by publisher Focus Home Interactive. That old Unreal tech still has it going on in the right hands, so let’s hope this one’s also console bound at some point as well as a better stealth game than a recent one that didn’t perform so well (I can’t mention the name because Garrett will try to sneak into my home, club me with his head-knocker and steal my treasure chest of gold coins that are actually foil-wrapped chocolates in a cardboard box. Of course, if anyone touches my chocolate, they’re dead meat on or off a stick, so we’ll see what happens to that Thief, grrrrr!. Um, anyway… Styx: Master of Shadows is still in development, so keep poking back here for updates as to when and where it will be done and released.

How Come No One Told Me There’s a Gauntlet Remake On The Way?

Well, thanks to whomever is handling PR for WB Games these days, grrr! Anyway, the fine folks at Arrowhead Game Studios (makers of the fun Magika games) are busy bee-ing it as they whip up this digital only (and so far, PC only, boo) solo, co-op and online Gauntlet reboot that actually looks as if it will a as fun as the 1985 arcade classic. Sure, this update gets a bit squishy with the blood effects, but that classic top-down viewpoint, simple but challenging gameplay and loads of loot to grab are all intact and that’s a good thing. This one’s coming this summer via Steam (I’d bet it’s one of their big summer game releases) and I hope it does well so Arrowhead can get to porting it to consoles, as there’s no reason this shouldn’t be on anything that can run it. In other words, I’d LOVE to see a Vita and Wii U version at some point down the road…

Gauntlet_002 Gauntlet_004 Gauntlet_005 Gauntlet_006 Gauntlet_007

Transistor: Supergiant’s New Game Popping Up at PAX East, May 20 On PC, PS4

transistor_postcardOkay, I’m not going to Pax East this year (I think Boston has banned me showing my face there since I my days as an usher in Cirque du Soleil during the Saltimbanco tour), but if I were there, the first booth I’d jet over to would be Supergiant Games just to see Transistor, which will be playable on the show floor before making it’s official debut on PC’s and PlayStation 4′s worldwide on May 20, 2014.

Yeah, yeah, other than a post or two last year I really haven’t been covering this one in detail like some other sites, but that’s thanks to SO darn many games (indie and otherwise) I’ve been following that I’m only paying the most attention to those a lot less polished than this one. It may sound backwards, but I trust Greg Kasavin and his team to deliver the goods, so they really don’t need me to hover around as they cook up a storm. Anyway, three new screenshots are below, so make sure you check them out and if you want to know more about the game, well… you know where to go, right?

Transistor_10-apr_14_00 Transistor_10-apr-14_01 Transistor_10-apr-2014_02

Dungeon of the Endless Update: Your Multi-Almost Everything Game is Almost Ready!

Dungeon of the Endless Logo Art


Amplitude Studios’ upcoming multi-hybrid game is looking quite spectacular in this new trailer and updated screens combo plus the mix of genres (just watch the trailer, as the very thought of writing all that out is making my fingers hurt. Here, go ogle some new screens and make sure to read some of the amusing descriptions in the pics that have them:

Dungeon of the Endless - Cryo Capsule Dungeon of the Endless - Golgy Level-up Dungeon of the Endless - Lab Explosion Dungeon of the Endless - Major Modules Dungeon of the Endless - Merchant Dungeon of the Endless - Sewer Enemy Wave

Okay, let me get back to work, because I got caught up in reading some of those screens as well. You can get more info on Dungeon of the Endless HERE (official site!) and HERE (the game’s Steam page where you can sign up for early access and more!)

Dark Souls II TV Spots: Oh, The Places You’ll Go (Just To Die Over and Over)…


Heh. I get a phone call during The Walking Dead finale from a friend asking me “So, what’s this Dark Souls II all about?” right after this ad airs. Whee! Of course, I had to tell him to ring me back in an hour or so or just wait for a quick email. He’s not a gamer at all, so I’ll give Namco Bandai props for getting an ad out that gets people not into the hobby all hot and bothered. Amusingly enough, I actually don’t have a copy of the game yet – it’s in my backlog of stuff to grab for the PS3 once I make a bit more money. I’ve played a bit of it already thanks to walking another friend through the first two or so hours of the game as he grabbed it on launch day and was having a hard time because yep, it was his first time playing something that difficult. Anyway, I got to play and he got to keep the character I made, so that’s a fine trade off, I’d say. Naturally, he got the poor guy I created killed a few times since, but my tech support ends when I leave the premises. Otherwise, I charge a flat fee (and it’s not cheap), heh…

Raven’s Cry Update: Shipping Out 10/14/2014, Loads of New Stuff In The Cargo Hold!


One of the upcoming games I’ve been keeping my telescope pointed towards the horizon on for a while now has been Raven’s Cry, the pirate-themed action role-playing game from developer Reality Pump (taking over from Octane Studios) and publisher TopWare Interactive. The game has had a few delays due to Reality Pump really going all out to add a ton of gameplay and story content to it and these new and new-ish screens show off a load of cool:

Raven's Cry SS Raven's Cry SS (1) Raven's Cry SS (2) Raven's Cry SS (3)Raven's Cry SS (4) Raven's Cry SS (5) Raven's Cry SS (6) Raven's Cry SS (7) Raven's Cry SS (8) Raven's Cry SS (9) Raven's Cry SS (10) Raven's Cry SS (11) Raven's Cry SS (12) Raven's Cry SS (13) Raven's Cry SS (14) Raven's Cry SS (15) Raven's Cry SS (16)

And the official site has also been updated with a new video, concept art and even wallpapers to download if this one floats your boat. As for the new features being implemented, here’s a rundown stolen from the press release:

- New skills for the captain (a skill tree with over 25 options)
- The personal story of Christopher Raven (more than 25 hours of main storyline)
- Additional adventures and skirmishes (open-world setting and side quests)
- An economic system with a wide variety of trade-able goods and simulated price adjustments
- Realistic naval combat
- Depictions of the dark life of pirates (or: cinematic cut scenes)

All of this should make for a game that’s at least worth a look to see if Reality Pump can pull it all off. It seems like a darker and grimmer game than their previous RPGs, so let’s hope it all pans out the way they (and we sea dogs) want it to. PC, Mac, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360, folks. Yeah, once again, a decent-looking RPG is skipping the Xbox One, so you owners of that console can get cranky about that elsewhere. I’ll be busy Yo-ho-ho-ing it up and trying not to get sunk by some frigate I’m trying to loot…

Cloudbuilt Now Available: Scaling New Heights Of Spectacular-ness (And Quickly, At That!)

Yeah, yeah – it’s a rerun, but hey – this one’s worth the double vision. Coilworks’ awesome and super challenging Cloudbuilt is now LIVE on Steam and already there’s an update out that addresses some issues a few players have been having. While I’ll need to go play this this weekend at a friend’s place who has Windows 7 still running fine on his PC (all of mine here use XP and proudly, grrr!), my time with the demo (also at his place) revealed that the developer is onto something with this insane, fast-paced run/shoot/parkour hybrid that’s brilliant, tough as hell and extremely rewarding when you find that perfect line and start smashing records (and progress-killing enemies in your path). This NEEDS to be on a few consoles so more people can dive in and see what all the fuss is about.