PSN Flash Sale: Make Your Snow Day More Useful Yet Less Productive

PS Flash Sale (Large) 

Trapped indoors thanks to all this snow, are we? Well, Eeee-hee-hee! or something like that. I’m actually trapped indoors thanks to a freelance job that needs to be done before pumpkin hour (midnight), so I’ve no to time to play anything (*whine!*). While I wait for another part of the job to float through the ether this way, I figure I may as well post something quick and painless.

Anyway, If you have a PlayStation Network account, you’re not going to be lonely at all. Well, if you’re alone, you’ll still be lonely, but you won’t lack for entertainment options thanks to this latest PSN Flash Sale.

Tons of games and movies (wait, does digital content actually weigh something?), but the list is so long that I’ll only list the PS4, PS3, Vita and PSP games below the jump. If you’re smart you’ll just boogie on over to that link above and burn a small hole in your wallet before the sale is over Monday.
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Jet Car Stunts Launch Trailer: Get a Grip With This Speedy Arcade Racer Next Tuesday on PS3 & Vita

Welly, well-well. I’ve actually never played Grip Games‘ rhater awesome looking Jet Car Stunts, but after seeing this trailer, I really want to see if I can survive some of those treacherous track designs. While this is already out (as of October 1) on mobile and Xbox Live, I rarely play mobile games all of my Xbox 360’s are dead and I want to play this on the Vita and PS3 anyway just because I still use those systems the most and despite what some editor-types are saying, neither one is quite “dead” just yet. Flying cars may not be a reality again for a while, but this could be the next best thing. Well, provided you have no fear of heights, falling, bright cartoon colors and what look like Hot Wheels cars with pop up aerodynamic handling. I’m in on all this, so next week will be a fun one. Hell, I’ll need SOMETHING bright and cheery to take me away from Alien Isolation and its relentless horror, so this may be the game I grab when I need a break.

Salt & Sanctuary: What You Do After Dishwashing, Coming to PS4 & Vita…


Well, oooh. Indie developer Ska Studios (of The Dishwasher fame) is cooking up a very cool looking side-scrolling action/RPG for the PS4 and Vita called Salt & Sanctuary that also marks their debut on a Sony system as a timed exclusive. Yeah, yeah, it still stinks to see PS4/PS Vita in a game description and not see the PS3 still get some love even if a game WILL run on it. Of course, Sony needs to gently nudge gamers who have yet to make the move to make that move, so it’s only natural that many of these indie and other games would only run on their new hardware and that still needs more love and sales handheld. I’ll be keeping an eyeball on this one for sure, as I’d absolutely love taking this on the road with me or playing curled up in bed when I’m supposed to be sleeping and cooking up ideas for this site while dreaming.

Salt and Sanctuary 1 Salt and Sanctuary 2 Salt and Sanctuary 3

Oh well, day-dreaming just might be my new inspiration, methinks. Salt & Sanctuary is out in 2015. More on this one when Ska drops new info – stay tuned…

Deception IV: Blood Ties Gets Me In A (Badly) Rhyming Mood…

Deception IV logo 
Here comes a lazy redirect
on a foggy Friday gray
Five new Deception IV game screens
from Sony’s PS Blog page.

The fun is back, oh sweet revenge!
Your victims will soon feel
Humiliation and then death
From a banana peel!

Oh, yeah, I’m on a roll now, kids. Well, perhaps not. I wasn’t planning on writing a crappy poem today, but it just popped out when I saw that screen with the gal slipping on the banana peel. Yep, the deception series is back in a big way, goofy humor and bloody demises and all. Deception IV: Blood Ties slides into retail and onto PSN for the PS3 and Vita on March 25, 2014.

Sony’s Third Party Production Team Gives The Vita A Big Boost

One of the coolest bits of news that popped up from PAX Prime this year was the announcement of Sony’s new Third Party Production team which will be dedicated to bringing more titles from third party publishers to Sony’s current and future platforms. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, gamers can expect new IP, ports and localized games, which opens up a ton of options given Sony’s strategy to make as many upcoming titles compatible on the PS4 and Vita. The team is currently working with Iron Galaxy Studios on the eagerly awaited Vita version of Borderlands 2 and OSny fans have been bombarding them with requests (many of them impossible or improbable thanks to the posters not quite grasping how this studio will function).

Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eyeball peeled for more news, as I more or less know what they can and can’t do and want to see them succeed with whatever they’re tackling. Yep, it’s a dull post… unless you’re a Vita owner or soon to be PS4 owner wanting to see more games popping up more often.



Silent Hill: Book of Memories Launch Trailer: Another WayForward, Fearlessly (And With Hope)…

Speaking of Silent Hill, I’d actually forgotten this new Vita game was coming out on October 16 oops), so now I’ll need to see how veteran developer WayForward Technologies did with this decidedly different take on the horror anthology franchise. My guess is given that Silent Hill is supposed to be made up of all types of stories, we’d see how things go when you end up with a bunch of people who aren’t all running from their fears or dealing with the usual personal issues made into freakish flesh. I trust WayForward enough to know they can make some mighty fine game experiences, so I’m not hating on them at all for changing things up here.  Of course, if the game is “bad” I’ll pick on them where it counts with some constructive criticism. That’s how I roll, folks…

God of War: Ascension Has At Least One Multiplayer Mode. It’s Worth A Look, I Say…

For me and many other gamers, adding multiplayer modes to a game that’s best known for its solo play and cinematic storytelling is the sign of the beast, a franchise running on fumes begging for cash from a crowd focused on massing up kill counts with no regard to narrative structure or hell, enjoyment of all the hard work it takes to make a story driven game flow from start to finish. Sony Santa Monica Studios obviously realizes this as well as a few other negatives and positives about MP and is forging ahead with an intriguing multiplayer mode in Kratos’ next adventure.

From what I’m reading elsewhere, you won’t have twenty Kratos’ running around the screen at all. One aspect of the mode will feature players representing warriors selected by the gods to do battle over territory, so at least my first fear has been quelled. As for the rest, well, I’ll need to see the game up close and personal to judge more fully what’s coming. All I’ll say is I’m looking forward to the single player story FIRST and foremost over any multplayer modes, no matter how good they are. Color me cautiously optimistic…

Behind The Scenes With “Kara” – Making The Magic Happen

Granted, we probably won’t see Kara starring in an actual game anytime soon, but Quantic Dream has definitely laid the groundwork for a future game project that’s going to blow you away. I’m still not sure if that project will be a PS3, Vita or PS-whatever game, but no matter what Sony platform it appears on, it’s going to get people talking. Personally, I’m hoping for something totally new or that Omikron remake/sequel I mentioned previously, but I’m not picky…

Armored Core V Gameplay: Steel Yourselves For Some Heavy Metal Hits…

Courtesy of the PlayStation Blog, here’s a look at some more ACV gameplay. This one looks like it’ll be fun for those who love a ton of pre-battle preparations and tweaking (par for the course in the Armored Core franchise). It’ll be interesting to see how well this stacks up against the other titles in the long AC history, but I have the feeling that From Software will be pleased with the response from fans old and new once the game ships out on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock “Monsters” Trailer & Screens

Courtesy of the official PlayStation Blog, here’s a nice visual update from the upcoming PS3 and Vita exclusive. I got a chuckle imagining a bunch of Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and Silence all showing up in a studio somewhere in England, punching in to do some hard work acting out scenes from the game for the dev team and having breaks for 10 o’clock breakfast (English Breakfast and scones) and a 4PM tea time (Earl Grey with milk, please, mum!) before clocking out and heading to a nearby pub for Guinness all around and some hot shepherd’s pie. Is that enough awful stereotyping here or what? Anyway, the game is set to land in March, but we’ll have a more informative update shortly as to what form the games will take. Fingers crossed for retail and download versions so more can hop aboard the TARDIS and enjoy the ride…