EXTRATERRESTRIAL: You May Be the Bug-Eyed One While Watching This Sci-Fi Horror Shocker…

Extraterrestrial1 Extraterrestrial2 Extraterrestrial3

With a hashtag like #GETPROBED (Ouch!), that creepy as heck yet familiar in tone trailer below and some interesting casting (hey, I’ll watch Michael Ironside read cereal boxes for an hour and a half or so), The Vicious Brothers’ latest film looks like a modern version mix of 1980’s It Came Without Warning and a few other “B” movies I remember from back in the day. Of course, you can’t have an alien abduction flick without a nod to The X-Files, so it was amusing to see this film’s version of the Cigarette Smoking Man and a few other things. I’ll be checking this out for a review shortly, so stay tuned…

EXTRATERRESTRIAL will be released in U.S. theatres on Friday, November 21.

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Humor (Sort Of): This is Your Internet As of Late…

(thanks, robatsea2009!)
Hoo Boy. I made the mistake of paying attention to some crap online that started as a dust devil and has swirled up into a Category 11 cyclone of poop and noisemakers. That’s part of what’s gotten me a bit annoyed this week, but I’ve decided to ignore this sort of thing in the future. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I have work to do and will get back to getting to it. In the meantime, ladies and gents, if the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around, I guess. Take it all with a grain of salt (and no more – the dire-beat-us, you know) and yeah, if it REALLY gets mucked up out there, just keep saying to yourself “It’s ONLY a movie, It’s ONLY a movie, It’s ONLY a movie…” On the other paw, sometimes The Cramps come in very handy for situations like this.

Back in a bit – I need to go soak my brain in some hot soapy water and maybe have a shot of something adult beverage-y. What a week…

Random Film of the Week(end): When Worlds Collide


When Worlds Collide MPYou know we’re screwed as a species when the wealthy ones start talking about packing up and moving to Mars with increasing fervor while failing to mention that, oh yeah – the poor people aren’t getting up there at all with their crime and diseases and lack of money and such. While it’s a wonderful idea to pick up and leave an old house and hoof it over to a new one if you can afford it, the truth of the matter is it’s not quite that simple. EVERYTHING on any planet that’s not Earth-like will need to be paid for and shipped from air to water to food to people to get things up and running so all of those things required for living can be manufactured on that new old planet. Relying on shipments from Earth once one is on Mars is pretty much the worst idea ever (well, next to thinking a trip to Mars isn’t going to cost a lot more money, time and lives than anyone can imagine should a single thing go wrong in transit), but I don’t expect to change the minds of those committed to this expensive errand.

Instead, I’d highly recommend those people determined to go (and those of us headed for the history books) to watch Rudolph Maté’s When Worlds Collide, the classic 1951 sci-fi drama produced by George Pal and based on the book by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer that’s somewhat dated on many fronts, but still packs quite a wallop in terms of its visual effects that probably sent plenty of paranoid theater-goers home to cower under the covers for a while despite the somewhat hopeful ending (well, for SOME lucky space travelers)… Continue reading

Random Films: Knives of the Avenger Finally Makes My Must-Watch List…

Ever NEVER see a movie and a cheap trailer makes you want to do so as soon as possible? Yeah, these days it’s usually the opposite effect, but thanks to Sleaze-O-Rama, I now have a new cheesy classic to add to the viewing list. I’m still discovering Mario Bava’s films after all this time, but Knives of the Avenger looks as if it’ll be a TOTAL hoot from start to finish. Yeah, I know I’m asking for it, but I did ask nicely, dammit. Okay, off to track this down legally or borrow it from someone who has it. I guess it’ll be a Random Film of the week at some point as well…

Eh, You May As Well FAKE Scare Yourself to Death This Weekend…

(Thanks, Sleaze-O-Rama!)

Let’s see now… this week, no, most of the last few months have been absolutely annoying and in you sit in front of the TV news for more than five minutes, terrifying. Woo hoo. Anyway, not that ignorance is bliss or anything, but sometimes it’s just good to drop everything and chill (your spine) out with something fake, stupid and scary to counteract something real, stupid and scary. Or you can go serious and scary – it’s your move. I’m probably going to watch ALIEN again at some point just to prepare for Alien Isolation on Tuesday. I was thinking about watching more disease-related stuff like Outbreak, Contagion, The Andromeda Strain, Scream and Scream Again or Coma, but a friend’s mother just went through some surgery today and I didn’t want my choice to see out of place for any reason.

Well, fake panic is always a good diversion, right? Sooooo… PANIC!

(Thanks, Horror Theater Video!)

There’s also some stupid ongoing game industry nonsense kicked up by fools for no other reason than a weird political agenda that’s seeped into things and has boiled over into weirdness and ugly stuff, but I’ve only wasted about a half hour of my life reading up on the basics and it’s pretty much garbage and fake outrage that’s gone way overboard because of a select, vocal class of internet idiot. Blech, and make mine a double, bartender. Anyway, go catch something primal scary or extremely silly this weekend, say away from the news (or internet if need be) and just ENJOY the hell out of this weekend, folks.

Interstellar Trailer #4: Kick Kirk to the Curb, This Is The New Final Frontier…

November 7 is zooming up faster than I have time to think about it and with each new trailer, Interstellar is slooooowly nudging me closer to the door to maybe go and see it sooner than later. On the other hand, I’m supposed to be immune to marketing tactics (IMMUNE, I say!), so perhaps it’s my lack of proper rest this week that’s forcing my hard chocolate shell to finally crack?

(Thanks IGN!)
Eh, whatever. Nolan’s got what looks like a hit here, but I expect the usual suspects to hate on him and this film because they didn’t like something he’s done previously. Meh, I have less and less time for those jaded folk who have low opinions of creative people and not a single idea in their own heads because they tend to drag down even the simplest conversation with “Well, my friend says…” and “I didn’t see it, but I heard it’s…” as their constant mantra. BO-ring! Me, I’ll climb a damn mountain just to stop hearing that noise. Anyway, slap this flick on your radar and make some time to see it even if you hold out for the reviews like many do these days.


Guardians of the Galaxy Headed to Home Video in November and December. Talk About a Holiday “Surprise”!

I wish I were more of a betting man, as I predicted well before it was released Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy would be out for the holidays (as in Christmas) and yep, it’s making it out earlier than that as in before Thanksgiving on Digital 3D and HD Digital (November 18) and before Christmas on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand (December 9!). This new normal of movies shooting out on disc and legal download so soon after being released still drives me somewhat batty, as it’s almost not worth going to the movies because I prefer to see films in the comfort of my own home without worrying about nasty theater situations, screaming kids and now, Ebola (heh, I had to get that in because every news channel is screaming mad cow over this latest fear). Yaaaaaaah!

Er, anyway… I finally saw GotG in a pretty decent theater and a few kinks aside, in my opinion it’s one of the better recent Marvel Studios movies. Granted, I prefer the stuffier more noble Star-Lord from his second Marvel Preview appearance (issue 11 with that wonderful Byrne/Austin artwork), but the kids like that newer snarkier model just fine and Chris Pratt did a stellar job as the character. Well, this one goes on the gift to me list at some point. Damn list is getting longer by the second, but I need to stock up on entertainment for the Ebola-free bunker, right?

The Tale of The Princcess Kaguya: Studio Ghibli’s Back With Some Classic Beauty…

The Princess Kaguya MP 
Currently, this one’s only part of a children’s film festival here in NYC, but I’m hoping it at least gets a limited release in regular theaters after that’s all said and done, as it’s quite lovely and yes, it’s Studio Ghibli doing some amazing animation work as usual. Check out the trailer below for some lovely visuals:

(Thanks, Movieclips Trailers!) 

This is one of those films that NEEDS to be seen even if you know the classic story by heart. Let’s hope this gets more notice and that wider theatrical release before it pops up on Blu-Ray/DVD and people somehow forget it exists because it’s not being promoted outside of a niche audience. Oh, wait. OOPS. It IS getting a US release on October 17, so I guess I can see this after all and not have to deal with squealing kids, shushing parents and overpriced tickets. No wait, the tickets will still be overpriced, but one out of three is just fine by me…

Even (or Especially) The No Tech Lifestyle Leads to Trouble!

(Thanks, Sleaze-O-Rama!)

Okay, so I’ve heard technology called “the devil!” many times over the years and while out perambulating around, overheard some woman yelling the ears off her kid about her fervent desire for him to not spend ANY time online, even for schoolwork (does that rate a “Yikes!” or a “Yikes?” people? I’m confused here). Anyway, that rant that made a few people within earshot laugh out loud and/or give the Mother from Heck odd looks made me think of what her sonny boy will end up getting into thanks to him not being able to go online at all. I guess you can say… the devil makes work for idle hands. Hmmm. I think Horatio Caine can retire now, wouldn’t you say? No? Eh, whatever. Get back to work, you!

AUTOMATA: Will This Rise of the Robots Flick Be Any Good (or is My Post Title the Tell*)?


automata_ver2_xlgSure, it’s got that distressed Neil Blomkamp look going for it, a shaved head on Antonio Banderas (along with what looks like an inflatable trenchcoat, ha and ha) and that trailer above looks interesting yet derivative in a few ways. But I’m guessing that October 10 limited US release of AUTOMATA will be the true fortune teller. My own sensors detect a bit of Blade Runner (good), I Robot (bad) and a bunch of other films (which could get ugly if critics and sci-fi fans get picky). Eh, always trust the director, I say. Granted, I’d not heard of Gabe Ibáñez until today when someone asked if I’d seen the trailer, so I don’t know much about him a few seconds on a good search engine would cure. The again, I didn’t know who Alejandro Jodorowsky, Alfonso Cuarón, or Guillermo Del Toro were until I saw films they’d directed.

Still, as usual, I’ll more than save that ticket money and very likely wait around a bit and perhaps see this on cable in oh, about seven or eight months if it disappears from theaters in a hurry. Sometimes you get a hidden and under-appreciated gem in these types of films and sometimes it’s just an expensive clunker. But once in a while it’s a middle ground film that should have gotten more love but rolled over at the box office because of a film or films that were better and more widely advertised. Then again, after being burned by other sci-fi flicks too big for their britches, I prefer to roll the dice at home these days than be stuck in a theater wishing I could change the channel…

*(feel free to Google or whatever Rise of the Robots if you haven’t a clue as to what I meant. Oh wait, I did that for you – you’re welcome)…