Star Wars: Battle Pod – New, Yet Nostalgic, Now In Arcades!


Star Wars Battle PodWait, who’s still got an arcade near them? And I don’t mean a mascot character “pizza” chain (yuk!) or a psuedo-pub grub hub with over-sized tablets posing as arcade games. All kidding aside, as soon as I saw that Star Wars: Battle Pod trailer above, I got a hearty laugh because it’s pretty much a far better-looking version of Namco’s classic 1991 arcade game Star Blade. Given the relatively short length of the experience, the specialized cabinet and its unique screen that allows for flawless immersion, the chances of seeing a home version of this game would normally be zero. On the other hand, with VR technology finally getting some sort of roll out within the next year or so, I could see this as some sort of pack-in or downloadable digital game to keep Star Wars fans happy.

In other words, it’s your move, Bandai Namco… Um, let the Wookie win?

Dark Horse Comics Blows Out Its Star Wars Line With a MEGA Sale!

Dark Horse Star Wars Farewell Sale 

With Dark Horse Comics having to give up its successful Star Wars license for good as of 2015, what’s a comic company to do but blow out everything they currently have in a big sale of epic proportions? Well, other than rent a small moon-sized space station with the ability to destroy planets in order to try and keep that license going, of course. Anyway, from now until 11:00 p.m. (PST), Wednesday, December 31, you can get twenty years of Star Wars digital comics at half price. That’s a LOT of books, folks. Well over 500 issues (568, I believe) of different comics totaling over 28,000 pages of stories and art. Yikes. Anyway, you can buy these digital issues singly at half off or just say “What the Force?!” and just get every single issue for $300. I wonder if your favorite reading device will creak and groan from the strain of all that content? Will it weigh more if you happen to have enough storage space to fit every book on a hard drive or other storage media?

Dark Horse Star Wars Farewell Megabundle 

However great this deal sounds, remember this, Padawans: The internet can indeed be more dangerous than Mos Eisley spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than you can online. You must be cautious. Granted, you can and should save all that reading material to “the cloud” in order to access it any time you like. But I’d also suggest a home storage solution just in case that cloud goes all Alderaan one day. Hey, in space, no one can hear you scream… unless you lose all your stuff you thought was safe because you didn’t have a safer home backup. Then, it’s all “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.” as you see that money well spent vaporize into nothingness. Get this deal, for sure – but make sure you stick it somewhere safer than online with the rest of the stuff that seems to get swiped on a regular basis. Given that these books will never see the light of day again (thanks, Disney!), it’s best to stock up, even on those issues that you wouldn’t read.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser: Turning the Internet Into Hype-Our-Space…

Star Wars The Force Awakens TC 

Well, color me interested, but not quite yet convinced. This teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakened is too short, but it looks as if the effects teams have been hard at work with over a year to go. Or at least they’ve just done up scenes for this trailer that show they’re on the case and not planning to blow it:

(Thanks, Star Wars UK!) 

I have no questions as of yet other than wondering who’s flying the Millennium Falcon in that short clip and why that yet to be revealed dark Jedi has the second most impractical lightsaber I’ve ever seen. But I can wait for that reveal in some other trailer. I’m gathering this one movie will have the most teasers and trailers released for it of anything coming in 2015 just because Disney wants to show that the Star Wars license is in good hands. I didn’t think so when I heard the news and soon enough, saw Mickey ears on a Darth Vader helmet (wtf?) and I think Goofy dressed up as Darth as a plush doll (yikes!). But I’ll pay less attention to the licensing on this film because there will be THOUSANDS of new products coming to rake in the dough from the rubes and all I want to see is a decent new film in this series.

December 2015 will be here sooner than you think, given the way time has flown this year. I may be too ancient to fall for marketing and merchandising tactics, but I’ll see this if it’s as entertaining as the original was. I’m also holding out for the trailer where J.J. has people jumping off something high, as next to lens flare overuse it’s a trademark in all his films for some oddball reason. As usual, we shall see, right?

Oops: Think Geek Reminds Me I Forgot Their Star Wars Day Sale… There’s Still Time To Buy!

ed08_star_wars_death_star_tea_infuserOkay, you only have until midnight to grab some bargains at 20% off, so you last-minute shoppers can and should boogie on over to the Think Geek shop and check out the oodles of Star Wars goodies they have for sale. I actually couldn’t find the other half of my tea infuser earlier today, so this Death Star Tea Infuser is calling out to me like millions of voices from destroyed Alderaan. Hmmm, I wonder if someone thought it was a gas explosion right as it happened? Ouch.

Anyway, I also like these awesome Lightsaber Umbrellas (available in three styles!) because I just NEVER carry an umbrella and this would completely make me do just that even if there’s not a cloud in the sky. Of course, I’d maybe want a waterproof Jedi raincoat, but that’s what the Force is for, correct? Then again, I wouldn’t need an umbrella if I can keep rain from making my clothes wet… hmmmm…

eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas_grid_2 eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas_in_use_2

Anyway, time’s a’wastin, Padawans! Get some (more) shopping done already!

Happy Star Wars Day! Funko Wants To “Force” Some Awesome Swag On You!

funko logo Well, I’m sure if you happen to win this particular contest you won’t be whining at ALL about the fine folks at Funko sending you a box with SUPER rare items in it, right? in fact, I’d bet you’d be dancing around the room to some Meco if you DID win this really spectacular set of swag. Anyway, here’s the details on this very cool little LIMITED time giveaway – Er, get your cameras out, folks (you’ll need them to enter):

Happy Star Wars Day!
May the 4th Be With You!

Funko loves Star Wars, so we decided to celebrate today by launching a giveaway!
We are giving away FOUR Star Wars Pop! Prototypes from the new Pop!: Star Wars series.
The winner will receive Pop! Prototypes of the following characters: The Emperor, Biker Scout, Bossk, and Luke Skywalker Hoth.

Funko SW Protos

Prototypes are early models of Pop!’s to test their concepts. Each prototype is extremely rare! Only five are made of each character!

How do you enter?
We want to see your Star Wars pride!
Take a photo of ANYTHING Star Wars related, post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the following caption:

May the 4th be with me to win a set of Star Wars Pop! Prototypes from @OriginalFunko #FunkoProto #Funko #StarWars”

Don’t forget to tag @OriginalFunko in the photo!

The giveaway will run until the Sith Lord shuts it down on May the Sith!
(May 6th)

Good luck and May the Force Be With you!

READS: Dark Horse Comics Offers Up Some Sweet Star Wars Deals For The Fourth…


Click Me!

I’l bett you one whole Republic Credit that Dark Horse Comics doesn’t care a hoot that Disney has decreed only what it creates from now on as “canon” and hell, they don’t need to at all, as up until it was yanked from them, they’ve been doing up the Star Wars license pretty right all these many years. Anyway, to celebrate May the Fourth (Be With You), the company is offering up some excellent deals on digital downloads from the massive lineup of SW books it’s put out over the ages. Click away on each image to be transported to a galaxy far, far away (or more precisely, a server far, far away) where you can check out and pick up a ton (or whatever they weigh on your own planet) of books at great prices.

SWMAY4SWKIDSFor you cheapskates or those new to the Star Wars visual reads thing, you can grab the first four issues of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: Empire and Star Wars: Legacy absolutely free of charge. That’s TWELVE free issues! FREEEEE! You don’t even have to let the Wookie win here, as even Chewbacca knows what free means. Well, he WILL rip your arms out of their sockets if you interrupt him while he’s reading, though…

SWSTARTERIn terms of KOTOR, that particular series makes a grand jumping off point, as it’s derived from what some consider the best Star Wars video game ever created. I need to replay this once again, as it still holds up as a great example of a well-written game that’s also extremely fun to play to the point that it works as a wonderful introduction to console or PC role-playing games thanks to the well done tutorials that ease you into play during the opening sequence and make you feel comfortable with the mechanics by the time that first section is complete.

Anyway, let me shut up here and let YOU go grab some deals or at least something free to keep you occupied this weekend. Have a blast and “May the…” oh you know, you know!

Funko Wants To Pop! Your Wallet With Too Much Cool…

Pop Female Pop MaleFunko continues to expand its Pop! line with more new figures from your favorite films, TV shows and other pop culture trends, meaning you’ll be expanding that shelf or cabinet space to make room for MORE cool vinyls. May (this month!) brings Custom D.I.Y. Male and Female figures that allow you to create your own “limited edition” figures using whatever means necessary. These blanks can be painted, sculpted, chopped in pieces and put back together (eek!) or whatever you can think of. Well, as long as you’re pleased with the results.

June brings in a couple of doses of Disney, old-ish and new. Old-ish would be the four Pop figures from Beauty and the Beast, Belle, Cosgsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts (with Chip!):

Belle Pop Cogsworth Pop

Lumiere Pop Mrs Potts Pop

June also brings in A fresh set of Star Wars Pop figures (I still can’t quite grasp Disney owning that license!) that include characters from Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi including a super-sized 6″ Wampa, Luke Skywalker in his Hoth outfit, Bossk, The Emperor, Hammerhead, and a Stormtrooper Biker Scout. can you say TOO cute? Sure, you can!

Wampa Pop Luke Hoth Pop Bossk Pop Emperor Pop Hammerhead Pop Biker Scout Pop

Yeah, yeah – the Star Wars stuff isn’t out ’til NEXT month, so it’s missing those “May the Fourth Be With You” celebrations this time. Funko is just showing them off now to get you all hyped up for when they’re officially released. Now that your wallet is drained, I guess I should inform you that there’s MORE on the way. So keep building those shelves and display cases and Funko will make sure you’ll always have something to put on them…

Comcast Buys Time Warner Cable: Here’s All You Need To Know As a Consumer…

Words fail me on this EXTREMELY crappy 45 billion dollar “deal” for any current consumer of pay TV out there who uses either service, so I’ll let assorted clips from The Empire Strikes Back do the talking (Thanks to ABiggerQuote for the clips!):

And so forth and so on. If you REALLY want to know how I feel, Robot Chicken spells it out even more (we’re screwed, folks):

(Thanks, adultswim!) 
Yeah… sometimes all you can do is nothing but laugh at how we’re jerked around by these way too large corporations…

Dark Horse Offers Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars In A 3-Day Digital Sale

Hmmm. And wouldn’t you know it, Dark Horse Comics does indeed have the droids you’re looking for. And the Wookies, and the Ewoks. And yep, even far too many stormtroopers who can’t see through their helmets well enough to shoot straight. Yes indeed, for three days ONLY (Friday, November 29 to Sunday, December 1, 2013), the publisher is offering up a whopping 150 issues of assorted Star Wars comics for a measly $100 courtesy of a special sale at Dark Horse Digital. I suppose I should tell you you’ll need to click that link, sign up for an account and boogie on back to the site when that sale begins (credit card in hand), but you probably figured that out already. More info on the sale can be found HERE, so go click away if you feel the Force surging through assorted body parts right about now…

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star: My Brain Just Turned To An 8-Bit Alderaan

tiny DSOh, don’t get me wrong, people. This new Google Play game IS stupidly super cute and all, and yes indeed, I laughed while watching it. But yeah, the 1977 part of me rolled over and died inside seeing this trailer and realizing that pretty much everything about the original release has now been vaporized and swept under a dirty bantha hide rug. Ah well.

Granted, it was pretty obvious the Star Wars franchise was going to end up parodying and satirizing itself harder than anyone else has in the past, so expect more of the same as Disney looks to monetize every aspect of the series from now on. Business is business after all, the new fans coming in won’t care at all about the original three flicks in their unaltered versions and everyone’s happy that they’re finally seeing more films and merch roll out on a regular basis. Ah well… back to work for me and my soul needs to find that box of ethereal Kleenex so it can go cry in the corner.