Tomodachi Life: Nintendo Goes Nuts, But In the Best Possible Manner…

Even if this is some sort of odd saving roll by Nintendo, Tomodachi Life looks like one of those great and crazy Japanese games that will have a wide appeal outside the usual suspects (Nintendo-only fans who swear by everything the company does and think they can do no wrong). This one’s got a nice “social” element to it, but I do hope there’s a way to play solo for those folks who don’t want to deal with that element. Anyway, this oddball combination of The Sims, Second Life and Animal Crossing should be a bit hit on the 3DS, but it might have been cooler to also see this as a Wii U game or at least have elements shared between the two systems as it’s not the 3DS that needs more great and quirky first-party titles. Eh, we’ll see what happens, of course. I predict a nice chunk of folks playing this with each other for quite some time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to try and un-see Mr. Iwata singing in that bathtub and a few other things in that video. Yeesh.

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Super Smash Bros. Direct: System Seller To Some, System Savior To Others…

While I think The Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros. will do incredibly well, I’d bet a solid five cents that those numbers won’t be as huge as some are thinking. Granted, it’s been a while since a new SSB was released, but I’m thinking this, like Mario Kart 8, will appeal mostly to the already system-owning Nintendo fans more than it will anyone who’s yet to buy a Wii U or 3DS just to play it. Sure, I’m reading comments on boards from people waiting to buy a Wii U “just for this game”, but I take those with a whopping grain of salt, as if you’re a Nintendo nut, you probably already have a Wii U and are in the holding pattern loop waiting for more first party games to drop. Granted, there WILL be people snapping up a Wii U just for this one and MK8, but those numbers probably won’t be as massive as even Nintendo wishes them to be.

That said, with the 3DS version coming first this summer, it’s going to be a massive game launch and push for that handheld while poor Wii U only owners have to sit it out until the winter when that version ships. Granted, Nintendo also knows that many Wii U owners are 3DS owners (but it’s not a 1:1 ratio at all), so they get to make money twice selling two versions of the same game (although I’m betting there’s not a line of code shared between them in terms of visuals). Anyway, this video reveals a ton of stuff, so stick around for the whole thing, as there are a few minor surprises during the last third and at the end.

New Mario Kart 8 Gameplay Trailer: HD Does Make A Difference, Doesn’t It?

While a few previews I’ve perused say it’s more or less the same old Mario Kart in terms of gameplay, on the visual front at least, Nintendo has a killer game here. Now, I’m not a big fan of this series because I prefer more realistic looking racers and have been karted out for years thanks to too many sessions with older entries in this franchise. But it’s hard to ignore those shiny (finally) CG-quality visuals doing their thing (and how!). Granted, the Wii U needs more than one game to push its sales numbers up and this one will indeed sell to fans of the games and maybe even move a few folks to finally commit to purchasing the console. On the other hand, at the rate new first-party games are dropping on the console, Nintendo will need to hope this one blows the doors off anything else released in May just so sales are steady or at least massive within the first month. As always, we shall see, but I predict yet another “evergreen” for the company that sells for as long as they continue to make games for the console.

Demon Gaze Trailer #2: Come For The Dungeon Crawling. Stay Because You Can’t Get Out.


Ha and ha. Sure, Demon Gaze has a mapping system in play, but you and I all know that there’s that ONE person who’ll buy this who even with maps galore has the WORST sense of direction to the point that they can’t find their own socks to take off without a handy guide (LOOK DOWN. SEE FEET… and so forth and so on). Me, I love this old school influenced stuff (Wizardry, Ultima Underworld and Dungeon Master FTW!), so I’m all over this like a cheap suit. Wait, that old saying never made sense to me, but I’m using it NOW? Eh, it’s a crappy, rainy, nasty day out today and I’m in a kind of lazy mood (despite having a lot to do and doing some of it all at once), so you get what pops out of the brain oven, fully cooked or not. Anyway, happy times for Vita owners are coming soon and I can’t wait to play this one.

Titanfall Fanatics Get A New Booster That Does Double Duty…

Titanfall_3X4__openGot Titanfall? Good. You’ll probably LOVE this, then. The folks at 5-Hour Energy and Wal-Mart have teamed up to being you this exclusive Titanfall themed packaging for their Berry flavor which is available now for a limited time. Yes, I know some of you all night crowd gamers will surely be stocking up on those boxes just for the artwork and connection to the game, so this is a head up for you to snap them up and sock them away because once they’re gone.. they’re gone for good.

Now, how you GET to that Wal-Mart is all up to you, but I say leave the Titan at home, please. Not EVERYONE has the game and if you go clanking around in a big mech suit just to score s shelf full of that 5-HE, chances are you’ll be doing a LOT of explaining to the local police. Of course, you’re smart enough NOT to stomp on that prowler that rolls up on you when you’re on the way to or from your shopping trip, right?

I thought so…


Demon Gaze: NISA Brings More “No School Like the Old School” RPG Goodness to NA…


demon-gazeNice. As a longtime fan of classic PC RPGs such as Wizardry, Dungeon Master, Might & Magic and many (MANY) others, it’s always great to see this style of game making a comeback on consoles as well. Demon Gaze is headed exclusively to the PlayStation Vita stateside on April 22, 2014 and here’s the US teaser trailer (above) and the opening minutes of gameplay (below, thanks to YouTuber Dorarnae). I know some of you more stubborn CRPG players who like a specific (as in non-anime/manga) art style are hating the character designs here and nothing will ever change your minds on that front. Too bad, I say, as publisher Kadokawa games and developer Experience Inc. have done a neat thing with the opening sequence that made me grin because it’s not the usual thing you see when you fire up a game.

The game’s official website has gone live and has basic information on the game world, character creation, gameplay and a few other topics. This one’s on my list of April games to play, as I can see way too many hours spent grinding away with a perfect parry. Or a party that WILL be perfect once I stopped getting stomped by some boss somewhere. I’ve got my eye on you, Demon Gaze (staaaaaarrrrrrre)…

More DAYLIGHT? Yeah, You’ll Be Wishing For The Sun, Alright…

Screen2 So, DAYLIGHT will be one reason for me to break down and finally get a PS4, as I love games like this with endless replay value. Jump scares don’t really do much for me, but I do like games that work so well at making you too freaked out to go on that you want to just STOP playing, but someone else in the room or your own stubborn nature makes you push onwards (and not necessarily past that fear, either). I’d missed this video below from January, but as you can see, even Atlus’ own staff and testers are getting broken in (and broken down) quite well:

Yep, I’m playing this with the damn lights ON, thank you much. In newer news, the game will support 3D play out of the case using RealD technology, and PlayStation Multimedia support is also included which means a whole suite of ridiculous options will be on board for those who love messing with people online in a few “fun” ways. Click below the jump for more info!

Screen14 Screen16 Screen1 Screen4 Screen5 Screen7 Screen9 Screen10 Screen12

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Akiba’s Trip 2: Undead & Undressed PS3, Vita Bound This Summer (THANKS, Xseed!)

Akibastrip01Well, now… this is cool news. I’d been meaning to check out one of the imports when I got the chance, but now I don’t need to thanks to Xseed Games (again!). They’re releasing the second game, AKIBA’S TRIP 2 in North America as AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed, on the PlayStation 3 em and PlayStation Vita in summer 2014. The game is an adventure game/action RPG that pits you up against modern day vampiric creatures called “Synthisters” in a extremely well-rendered digital version of Tokyo’s world-famous electronics district, Akihabara where beating their clothes off and exposing them to sunlight is the only means of destroying them.


Akibastrip03Yeah, it’s VERY strange in that manner some of the more offbeat Japanese games can be, so hats off to Xseed for grabbing this for localization. Funny, it actually took me until a few minutes ago to see that the title is a fun play on words, as “Akiba” is the abbreviation for Akihabara and “Strip” is just what you’ll be doing to those vampires in the game. Ha! Well, this one also goes on the radar for a look-see later on when more info comes out – stay tuned…

Up For Air From Some Tales Action…


Okay, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles has been keeping me occupied today, so I haven’t posted much since that Godzilla trailer. This former GameCube exclusive to PS3 enhanced port is nice and old-school Tales action through and through, including the difficulty early on if you’re silly enough to run into fights unprepared or think that cuteness means the game will be easy. HA. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles laughs at your silly self as its monsters eat you senseless (they start at the head, and work their way down it seems).

Anyway, a review is forthcoming, but not ’til the weekend or so. I need to knock out more thoughtful Toy Fair wrap up posts, dink around with some games in my queue and otherwise stay out of trouble. The cold weather has returned (booo!) and I’m not too pleased about that nonsense. back in a bit…

Deception IV: Blood Ties Gets Me In A (Badly) Rhyming Mood…

Deception IV logo 
Here comes a lazy redirect
on a foggy Friday gray
Five new Deception IV game screens
from Sony’s PS Blog page.

The fun is back, oh sweet revenge!
Your victims will soon feel
Humiliation and then death
From a banana peel!

Oh, yeah, I’m on a roll now, kids. Well, perhaps not. I wasn’t planning on writing a crappy poem today, but it just popped out when I saw that screen with the gal slipping on the banana peel. Yep, the deception series is back in a big way, goofy humor and bloody demises and all. Deception IV: Blood Ties slides into retail and onto PSN for the PS3 and Vita on March 25, 2014.